Wentworth "Wen" Talbott

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Wentworth Talbott
NationalityFenspace Convention
Other namesWen
CitizenshipThe Island
EmployerFloating Island Pte Ltd, Island Real Estate Investment Trust
TitleFisherbot Shepherd, Zen Master

Primary Writer: Acyl

Fisherbot Shepherd

Mundane Attributes

  • Foreman: In charge of the station's robot drones, the "Fisherbots".

Handwavium Ability

  • Bishoujo, Bishounen?: Male, but nearly androgynous. His biomod has given him a rather... large following of admirers. Pity about the side effect: he doesn't care.


  • What me, worry?: Wen is eternally patient. But he isn't calm and friendly (like Xing is). He's vague and aloof. He's not quite a cold fish... he's nice enough, really, perhaps even charming. After a while, though, you might notice... he doesn't seem to be paying attention. He's always slightly distracted, like he's not entirely there.