White Stallion

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Spacecraft Registry
SS White Stallion
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullFormer Boskonian medium cargo hauler/personnel transport (High Quality custom hull, suspected to be Fen 'waved). Further Modified by Eddie.
Length37m (125'1")
Width14m (46') widest, 10m (33') body
Height9m (30'5") (+1m (3'4") with undercarriage lowered)
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters (Sub-Ether Impellors)
Drive RatingMax velocity 0.05c (0.008c original)
OwnerAlexis Petermann
Flag of RecordCommonwealth of Australia
FactionNone claimed, but seems remarkably welcome at all ports.
Registry NumberACP-002
PurposeMedium cargo hauler and medical/personnel transport
Primary CrewAlexis Petermann (Owner/Captain/CMO/Chief Engineer)
Lisa Simpson (Co-Pilot/Operations Officer)
Misty Oak (Security Officer/Co-Pilot/Cook)
Other CrewEddie (Ship's AI)
James Scott (Loadmaster)
Jade O'Neill (Environmental Engineer/Chief Nurse)
"Frosty", 'Tree' type drone (Medical Assistant)
Operational StatusActive
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Created by: Cobalt Greywalker
Gaming Statistics

A particularly quirky transport, registered out of Port Phobos, Phobos (but based elsewhere).

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • Something's not quite right...: Unless acclimatised, or knowing about its history, passengers feel that there's something disturbing about the ship.
  • In the spotlight: Ship's lighting is either all on, or every person on board has a personal spotlight shining down on them. That can make things rather spooky in the Night shift.
  • "Tonight, I am going to be...The Pegasus!": For reasons no-one can explain, the transponder randomly changes to be almost, but not quite, the same as an other ships'. The thing's been ripped out and replaced numerous times (with Hardtech, 'wavetech, and bastardised mushytech. All at once even) and essentially the Captain has been reduced to sending out emails to update the code listings. As an unexpected side effect, the White Stallion has become one of the backup master ship registration databases.
  • I can see your house from here: The Stallion is fitted with a remarkably powerful sensor system, capable of detecting everything within 15 light-minutes. As a rule however it is normally limited to 1 light-minute.

Known Crew Quirks

  • I know they are around here...: Passengers tend not to see the crew much when underway, and usually only see the Captain and her co-pilot.
  • Global Unity: The crew is surprisingly multi-cultural. The captain has a German accent, Misty's is French-Canadian, James' is South African, Lisa's is Brazilian, and Jade's is Japanese.
  • Well gee guys, I don't have a Heart Of Gold. Will this cannon do?: Under normal operations Eddie is a nice, talkative guy. In crisis situations, however, he becomes frighteningly focused, and can (and does) become a pure military machine.


  • Why can't I get one of those?: No one knows who built it, but it is suspected that a fen with naval connections was involved. Further modification by Eddie has turned the ship into a fairly decent medium cargo and passenger ship, as well as giving it a fair amount of modular mounting for weapons.
  • Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink: All the station and dock administrators, and most fen who do serious business with her, know exactly who owns the ship, and are reasonably happy to play along. This is mostly because it keeps things quiet.


The White Stallion is featured in the following stories:

  • Journeys through tarnished dreams.
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