White Stallion (gaming stats)

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SM+8 (125 feet), Stealth 2M, Dynamic Chameleon 1.5M, Artificial Gravity 1M, Gravitic Compensators 1M
Streamlined Hull

Base Hull

dDR/HP = 70 + 15 = 85 (Default Nano-composite Armour)[1]
Hnd/SR = -1/5

Front Section

[1] Hardened Nano-composite Armour (+15dDR/HP) 10M
[2] Multipurpose Array, Multiscanner, FTL, TL12 (Level 11)[3] 20M
[3!] Cloaking Device 30M
[4] Habitat (6*3person Bunkrooms) 6M
[5] Habitat (1 Science! Lab, 2 Mini-Robofac, 2 Automed Sickbays) 1M +30M +1M +200K
[6] Habitat (1 Luxury Cabin, 2 Cabins, 1 Office, 1 Steerage (5 Tons)) 1M
[core] Control Room (C9, Comm/Sensor 7 (FTL), Stations 2) 1.9M

Centre Section

[1] Hardened Nano-composite Armour (+15dDR/HP) 10M
[2] Defensive ECM 10M
[3!] Medium Battery, 1 Fixed, 2 Turreted (Very Rapid Fire), Electromagnetic. 6M
[4!] Medium Battery, 3 Missile Launchers (1 rear). 6M
[5] Habitat (1 Establishment (Galley), 2 Briefing Rooms) 1M
[6] Habitat (6 Cabins) 6M

Rear Section

[1] Hardened Nano-composite Armour (+15dDR/HP) 10M
[2] Cargo hold (50 Tons)
[2-3] 2 Hanger Bays (30 Tons each) 200K
[4-5!] 2 Stardrives (Subwarp, 1000G; FTL, 500c/0.42 parsec a day; STL, 0.08c/4.8 ls/min)[4] 20M
[6] Total Conversion Reactor (5 Power Points) 60M
[core] Engine Room 300K

Total Cost

5.5M + 101.1M + 39M + 90.5M = 236.1M


  1. I figured, given that Handwavium integrates itself with the materials it works on, we can add the equivalent of one US Nano-Composite armour section to the entire hull dDR/HP rating.
  2. I’m making assumptions here, but the general level of Space tech in Fenspace is better than TL8.
  3. Again, I’m assuming FTL sensors are easier than FTL comms, but the Stallion is big enough to fit an Interwave set as well.
  4. In trying to match the drives to existing information, I made the following determinations:
    a) In normal(-ish) circumstances, the same drive does both STL and FTL. Thus, I used the Subwarp design switch on the Stardrives.
    b) Also, unless the object is very large (say a mile or greater) it is reasonably easy to get the full FTL speed of 500c.
    c) For the speeds we are using, the Warp drive option on p. 41 of Starships to allow stardrives to have some warp capability in system has been used. Hence the STL rating. Thus, it is possible to ‘jump’ to full STL speed, but the ‘upshift’ requires a mode shift. I would suggest it also requires the vessel to be in a low g field. If this wasn’t possible, the various ships (at 500g) would take between 12 mins to get to 0.01c, an hour to get to 0.05C, 2 hours to 0.1c… And the same to decelerate at the end.

The material presented here is the creation of Cobalt Greywalker, and is intended for use with the GURPS Fourth Edition system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games. This material is used here in accordance with the SJ Games online policy.