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Welcome to the Fenspace Wiki-Node!

This site exists to document and support the shared-world fiction project Fenspace. Set in an alternate early 21st-century where the mystery substance Handwavium -- sometimes called "ultratech in a drum" -- has been set loose on the world, Fenspace tells the story of the wholesale migration of North American science fiction and fantasy fandom into space and civilization they found there -- a place of beauty, danger and endless adventure. It's no utopia -- just look at Operation: Great Justice to see that -- but it's still far from a dystopia.

To get a better idea what it's like, take a look at our Quick Start Guide, Timeline, Gazetteer and, perhaps most importantly, our Story Archive.

Our neighbors:

We don't have many yet, but here's one big one:

  • All The Tropes, a less restrictive, more freewheeling fork of TV Tropes, which is a second home to many of the Fenspace Collective.