Winry Rockbell

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Winry Rockbell
BornJosephine Taylor
Missouri, USA
NationalityFenspace Convention
RankOF-05, Sailor Armed Militia
Commands heldTask Force Tango Shoes, Great Justice (retired)
The best-known recreational stardancer in Fenspace

Open Character, created by Kokuten

Winry Rockbell, nee Josephine Taylor, was born and raised in Missouri, and grew up as the sole, tomboy daughter of a farmer, as her mother died in childbirth. When her father passed away (died from a stroke, 'doc claims he basically just saw a flash of light... and was gone), Josephine sold the farm and hitched a ride 'Up'.

The Winry Rockbell thing came about after her first real exposure to fandom, an unofficial home-brew 'Becons We Con' on The Island, and at 3am, surrounded by Fisherbots, she had an epiphany. Like most Fen, her blood-caffeine, blood-sugar, and blood-pocky levels at the time of this epiphany were most likely nearly cosmic.

Since then, she's taken on the 'persona' of Winry, from Fullmetal Alchemist, and it wasn't that big of a stretch. Her upbringing has given her a fairly in-depth real-world knowledge base of hardtech in heavy and light machinery, and her interests were already taking her towards biomechanical engineering. After her 'change', as she calls it, she began an accelerated course of study, what was laughingly referred to as a "Journeyman Ronin" phase in a bar.

Not surprisingly, it worked. She's a master level cybernetic repair and interface specialist, and a dab hand at cybernetic prosthesis design. She's maintained her larger-scale engineering skills as well, and is a "fair to middlin'" mechanic at most any scale.

Her mechanical aptitude and zero-G competence landed her a job with the SOS-dan in 2012 as a pilot/mechanic. Her utter hatred of Boskonians quickly became apparent, and she volunteered for a position in the all-female multi-ethnic Task Force Tango Shoes that was assembled to deal with a group of (sexist and racist) Turnerites. Because of her previous experience as a Sammie reservist, she was given command of the task force, which was so successful that its core was kept as a permanent Great Justice unit past the end of the Boskone War (although not with Winry in charge).


Winry is that rarest of rare breeds in Fenspace, a well-balanced individual. She's almost always happy, and has no major "triggers," or even major traumas to be triggered. Just... don't be stupid with your cybernetics, or you'll hear about it!

Winry's past is a wide-open book to those who have become close to her, and she has nothing, really, to hide. She tends to wear her heart on her sleeve, even if she isn't as exuberant and outwardly emotive as some of the wilder Fen. She is quite pleased with the idea of marrying in the "conventional, boring, American" sense of the term, and has her eye out for the "Right Man", but is in no hurry to find him, and wants a long relationship and engagement. Winry wants children, but only after at least a year of marriage (no sense rushing in, she says)

Motable Mundane Abilities

Has a "knack" for zero-G maneuvering (non-combat)

Wavium Abilities

None. She's a "Virgin", but she is not ignorant of the workings of handwavium.


  • Can We Fix It? Well trained and skilled diagnostician.
  • Yes We Can! Well trained and skilled in cybernetic repair
  • It's just like a tractor: Experienced, but untrained, in light duty machinery (ex, farm equipment, civilian automotive)
  • Maybe if I move the frammistat... Moderately skilled cybernetic design engineer.
  • Well, that explains the excruciating pain... Well trained and skilled cybernetic interface mechanic.
  • Yeah... that's... nice: Winry is not precisely a social butterfly, and will tend to disappear when the more 'exuberant' 'Fen start acting out...
  • Eat Pie, Villain! ...unless there's a food fight involved.
  • You did what with that?!!!?! Winry has one reliable rage-trigger, and that's abuse of cyberware.
  • Actually, no, I don't want a drink: Winry, while not being a total teetotaler, avoids excessive amounts of alcohol. She generally sticks to one beer every 2.5 hours, but can keep up that pace all night.
  • I can pencil you in next week, will that work? Winry is kept busy as can be by her Cybers contacts, who generate the lion's share of her workload. Between that and her social life, non-Cybers work generally has a lead time.
  • Putt-Putt's just fine, OK? Winry's Vespa, affectionately dubbed 'Putt-Putt', is a nondescript little vehicle, but it serves Winry's needs. She is not terribly interested in automotive tech, and can be put off by those who are (excessively, anyway).


Winry is a S.S.A.M. reservist, and has (barely) attained 'acceptable' marksmanship with a pistol (9mm auto), which she carries with her... but almost never on her.


Winry has purchased a second-hand "Space Vespa", and accompanying suit. Winry's Vespa has its own page. Her suit is an early-model "Fen Special", and is also fairly unremarkable, save for its impressive number of pockets containing tools.

All of her equipment is well maintained, clean, and operational.