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Wire Geek
BornNick Casler
ResidenceFoundry Hephaestus
NationalityFenspace Convention
EmployerHephaestus Mining and Metalworking, Unltd.

Primary writer: Kokuten

The dwarf in charge of Hephaestus Mining and Metalworking, Unltd. ... on paper, at least.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • Yeah, I know a guy ... For pretty much anything, he knows someone who can make it happen, or knows someone who knows someone... not a fixer, a fixer finder.
  • ...I'll have him call you: Sure he can get you a thousand frammistats, or find someone who can supply you with young flesh (nutritional, sacramental, or sexual?) But you'll never get contact information, you'll get contacted. WG covers his sources religiously and in a most paranoid fashion.
  • Wait, wait, wait, do it this way: WG learns systems rather quickly, though he's never really 'mastered' anything other than mining and oresmithing. Can-do good enough to get by on almost anything, and can learn himself up enough to get by.
  • It's all just Pascal to me! WG cannot code, and has an active interest in not learning.
  • Not In Charge Here: WG is not a leader, and avoids command of anything over a small squad, say 10 people tops.

'Wavium Abilities

The 'Wavium biomod occurred shortly before he left the planet, and worked out about as he planned. Going in a normal human, WG came out a dwarf.

  • You'll have... My Axe! WG resembles a Tolkien dwarf, except he's usually wearing scrubby overalls, or black jeans and t-shirts. The resemblance is not just skin deep, he's relentlessly strong, works with earths and ores, and wields an axe to great effect.
  • Can't see shit, captain: While WG doesn't have very good far vision, his sense of touch, hearing, and smell, as well as his near vision, are very good. Very good. Operating a bit outside the higher range of normal human ability, WG is able to effectively leverage his enhanced senses to work better with all manner of mining-related or technological tools.


  • Oh, did I say that? WG can only handle so much personal interaction before the filters between his brain and his mouth start to fail. Depending on what he thinks, this may get him slapped, punched, or shot. These three have all occurred before. This was a part of him, and it got significantly worse with the 'Wavium. Normally kicks in after three days of close quarters with strange people.
  • Oh, that's... you? Low Charisma. The Wavium left him lumpy and bumpy. Can pass in a crowd with well tailored clothing... usually.
  • WOOO! WG doesn't attend cons - but he's been known to throw very boisterous, short lived parties. Boisterous, to the tune of asteroids vaporized or gone missing, personnel showing up on the other side of the system afterwards with embarrassing tattoos, and some of the best late-70's classic rock ever broadcast on conventional radio.
  • Because We Can! Approximately 40% of WG's time is spent on projects that are.. nonsensical, nine times out of ten. A Trout-powered optical interpolation engine (should have gotten 50 or 60 megapixels of data out of a 2 megapixel image, ended up getting .05 megapixels out of a 2 megapixel image), a cosmic scale potato cannon (can fire the common potato at .3c, whereupon... it immediately disintegrates in the cosmic particle wash), and on, and on. Occasionally, the nonsense projects pan out. Indeed, most of WG's profit comes from sales of a simple, easy to use communications module, which translates across almost all comm systems, and can clip into the interwave transmitters to rebroadcast, usually 802.11w, the current 5.8ghz wi-fi spec.