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Spacecraft Registry
Hornblower class cruiser
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base Hullcustom
Primary ManufacturerTakeuchi Shipyard, Mare Marginis, Luna
OwnerSailor Armed Militia, Crystal Millennium
Flag of RecordCrystal Hiroshima, Venus
FactionCrystal Millennium
Operational StatusActive
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"Atropos (ship)" redirects here. For the character of the same name, see Atropos

The Hornblower class of cruisers is named after the fictional Captain Horatio Hornblower, from the Horatio Hornblower series of novels written by C. S. Forester. Ships in the class are named after ships commanded by Hornblower in those novels; the Lydia, Sutherland, Witch of Endor, and Le Reve had entered service before the end of the Boskone War, while the Atropos and Hotspur were mothballed for a half-decade while still in construction drydock. There was some discussion of re-designing and completing the Hotspur as an exploration craft, but internal politics within the Crystal Millennium blocked all proposals to that end.[1] It took the personal intervention of Serenity II to break the deadlock, who ordered the Atropos and Hotspur completed but no further Hornblowers be built.

The Hornblowers are the most heavily armed combat vessels in the Crystal Millennium fleet. They are all based out of Crystal Hiroshima; neither the design nor the ships are for sale.


  1. The Love subfaction refused to fund construction of yet another warship during peacetime, while the Justice subfaction refused to remove the weaponry from the partially-built cruisers.