Cornelius "Neil" Blackwell

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Cornelius Blackwell
ResidenceKandor City, Luna
NationalityFenspace Convention
Other namesNeil Blackwell
OccupationPrivate Investigator
Weight184 lbs.

Open Character, created by Jonathon Helscher

A private detective, operating out of Kandor City.


  • Height: 6'1
  • Weight: 184 lbs
  • Build: Meduim (physically fit)
  • Hair: Red, short
  • Eyes: Blue

Mundane Attributes

  • One weekend a month! Two weeks a year! Served in Iraq with the Army Reserves as a Chinook helicopter pilot. Does not talk about what he did or saw there.
  • Did you ever fire your gun up into the air and yell Ahhhhhhhhh! Was a Sergeant in the Seattle Police Department, and therefore is a competent investigator and navigator of paperwork.
  • I hate to say it, but we're the American Weasleys: Has an large, tightly nit extended family back on Earth, of which he is fond of but is somewhat glad he is several thousand miles away from their nosiness.

Wavium Abilities

  • My best friend's name is Colt: Has a poorly understood link between his mind and his old Army Colt .45 pistol. He always "knows" where it is in a general sense, which practically functions as a game of "Hot and Cold" with it. It is an otherwise normal pistol and functions as such, albeit slightly shinier than normal.
  • Mr Sandman! Give me a treat! Or, you know, COME BY ONCE AND AWHILE: Can go for up to a week and a half without sleep.


  • I got caught up on sleep all the way up to Operation Bughouse: After going without sleep for longer than a day, when he does finally sack out he goes into a coma and sleeps for the amount he missed if he got eight hours a night. Most of the time he needs to be hospitalized due to nutrition and hydration needs.
  • The night time ISN'T the right time: Has chronic nightmares if he goes without sleep for more than a day. These become worse and worse the longer he doesn't sleep.


None. Services available to any who can pay his rates.


  • It really is my business: Runs a private detective agency on the Moon out of Kandor City with his AI sidekick Conker and his receptionist Sally, who seems to live the role.
  • Phillip Who? Despite being a private detective and investigative consultant, has never read any Raymond Chandler. Is only dimly aware of the tropes associated with the genre.
  • Sodo Mojo: Fierce Seattle Mariners fan. Hates the Seattle Seahawks though.
  • Yes Mom, I like girls. I just haven't met one as charming as you: Has terrible luck with women, and never through any fault of his own.