Jeremiah Augustus Breckenridge

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Jeremiah Augustus Breckenridge
ResidenceThe Inelegant Truth
NationalityFenspace Convention
OccupationSecurity/Bodyguard/Cook, The Inelegant Truth

Primary Writer: Herr Bad Moon

Jeremiah is a former Secret Service agent, who left under undisclosed reasons. Physically imposing at 6'3" and having played tight end for Maryland, he knows how to use it for intimidation factors when necessary. He makes a mean curry.

Mundane Attributes

  • LFM, got tank and DPS Large, physically fit Texan, who played college ball at Maryland before he was recruited for the Secret Service. Not particularly phased by anything.
  • He's a regular Ren neen neen sance man. Spent his teenage years in his father's restaurant as a cook, heavily involved in blues band while in school as trumpet player and later played in bars in College Park, graduated form law school, trained as a fully qualified Special Agent in the Secret Service, does windows.
  • Pseudo-Dane Not particularly fennish, but is affable enough he gets along with all but the fringiest of Fen.

'Wavium Abilities

None: Avoids adding any “gizmos” till the science of it all is understood beyond “wouldn't this be cool?”


  • Drink the drink! Will drink you under the table. Seriously.

Preferred Transport

The Inelegant Truth