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The KCPD are the official police force in Kandor City, on Luna. As Kandor City is the center of the Supers Faction, they can be quite 'colorful'. Operating out of the Hall of Justice, they include a small SWAT department, but they've no objection to getting help from external consultants, such as the Blue Blazers.


Police Chief
Debbie Sands - age: 32 - height: 5'4" - Biomod: **WHITENOISE** - Originally a street officer from the Pittsburgh Police Department. Came up after a suspect splashed her with the wave during a arrest. One of the few people with real police training and runs a training course in such for Kandor City.

Assit. Police Chief


  • Raven
  • BBI 313, codename 'Joe Friday'

Part Time Officers

  • Dakota 'K9 and SWAT'
  • Assorted "Heroes"


  • Arthur Nkomo(not KCPD anymore; joined Great Justice during the war, where he remains as a Troubleshooter)

Gear, Weapons, Vehicles

KCPD deploys a number of vehicles, most famous of which are the tiny R.R.(Rapid Response) hover bikes. Backed up by hover converted Toyota Hilux compact trucks. Officers are allowed to deploy their own private vehicles, Officer Dakota's M12 LRV Warthog being a well-known example.

Rapid Response (R.R.) Hover Bike - A simple, light weight hover bike in the classic black and white police paint scheme. Built originally from bare motorcycle frames. Due to their small, fast nature, officers are required to go through a training course before being allowed to use them.

Toyota Hilux - Originally a standard compact Hilux that has been covered into a hover truck. Painted in the classic Black and white police scheme.


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