Moonbase Alpha

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Moonbase Alpha, as seen during an excursion by Kandor City's Nekomi Institute of Technology Motor Club.

Moonbase Alpha, found near Luna's North Pole, is a more hardtech approach to a city than is usual in Fenspace, consisting of connected housing modules buried under the regolith. The population is mainly generalist and other non-aligned Fen, although there is a noticeable Heinlein Society minority (both Longs and Juvies) in residence.

The city is considered more of an industrial centre than a place to live in, despite being almost completely self-sufficient. However, Manny O'Kelly's Bar and Grill (on D Level of Alpha) is one of the best-regarded eateries on Luna amongst those who can afford the price of non-vat-grown meat in Fenspace.

Adam Selene Excursions Ltd. is headquartered in Moonbase Alpha.[1] This recreational-vehicle-rental agency catering mainly to the 'dane tourist market has offices in most Lunar settlements.

Some form of photo-ID is requested but not required[2] when entering Moonbase Alpha, for law enforcement purposes.


  1. Oddly, nobody ever sees Adam Selene - they only do business with his assistant Mike.
  2. The Long-Heinleinians block all attempts to make this mandatory.