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Murphy Murphy
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  • Fate's Punching Bag: Murphy Murphy is a walking conundrum. If things can go wrong for him, they will; until its time to save the day or otherwise dramatically necessary![1] Handwavium both loves him and hates him... or so he thinks. Why? because whatever he works on just doesn't work until the very last second (Dramatic Necessity) or he's so frustrated at it he's ready to blow his brains out!
  • You don't always get what you want: BUT you get what you need! Nothing he's ever really turned his hand to creating, wave, dane, or muddled, has worked the way it was supposed to, unless it was needed by the rigors of dramatic necessity. In fact, while nine out of 10 items he makes turn out to be useful, its never in the way it was envisioned.
  • The second best terrorist: Mostly known by reputation, he's the guy you get when you can't get any of the BNF's or SMOF or the people who are actually good at this stuff... But he manages to keep his head above water
  • Paranoia doesn't mean they're NOT out to get you: While some believe that the only reason he wasn't forcibly conscripted by the Boskonians is that they feel he's more dangerous to our side; its more the few times they've tried his luck has worked against them instead of him without his knowing it.
  • I'm not mad, I'm MAD! Exists in a state of permanent aggravation, unless it flips over into abject terror, sometimes even just flat out depression. Able to rant on about the injustice of just about anything that crosses his path.
  • Outsider looking in People get close to him at their own risk. There's that whole weird luck thing. And the fact that Wavium and Wave tech act up around him. And his aggravation over all of it.


Seemingly None... he's absorbed enough Wavium accidentally one way or another, but no biomod has manifested. Yet. Then again, for all that keeps going wrong with him, its not like he's a) tried actively for one (he shudders at the thought of what would probably happen given how wavium plays with him) or b) been hurt badly enough the wavium would manifest a biomod to save him.


He's the son of a couple of TV newspeople. He's been all over Fenspace, but because of various weird luck events he's almost never in one place more that a few months.


  1. Think Champions here, three levels of Luck and three levels of Unluck!


Murhpy has played a major role in the following stories: Murphy's Laws:A bit o FenFic