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Malaclypse Fnord
3rd President of the United Federation of Planets
In office
March 8, 2024 – present
Preceded by K. R. DeCandido
Succeeded by current incumbent
Federation Representative from the Sozvezide Soviet
In office
July 10, 2022 – March 8, 2024
Preceded by office created
Succeeded by Minerva Weatheral
1st Generalissimo, Sozvezide Soviet
In office
October 13, 2008 – July 10, 2022
Preceded by office created
Succeeded by Katrina Stewart
Personal details
Born Samuel Zachariah Wildman
August 7, 1977
Fairplay, Colorado
Domestic partner Sora Hasegawa & Athene Weatheral[1]
Children Yoriko Wildman
Michelle Hasegawa
Residence Korolevgrad, Luna
Alma mater University of New Mexico
Occupation Professor
Profession Adventure Scientist
Religion Atheist
Military service
Service/branch Soviet Air Force
Years of service 2008 - 2022
Rank General
Commands USSR Ptichka
Battles/wars Battle of Serenity Valley
Awards Distinguished Flying Cross (UK)
Order of St. Andrew (RUS)
Silver Snoopy (US)
NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal

“Once upon a time, there was a genius who–

There was a very bright man–

Once upon a time, there was a very arrogant man who did something very dangerous. Without thinking things through, he invited his friends on a grand adventure... and then the adventure blew up in their faces, forcing them all to run for their lives.

His guilt was unbearable, and it was deserved. These were the people he loved, and he'd destroyed their lives. Thanks to his thoughtlessness, they were fated to be branded as criminals, terrorists, monsters... unless he changed that fate somehow. Unless he made the world see them for what they were: some of the best and bravest people anywhere.

So he refused to let them fade away into the background. He found them a home in the biggest and brightest city in the new frontier. He made them into leaders, scientists and celebrities. He knew that would keep people from fearing them. Glamour and fame weren't options, they were necessities.

Because maybe by turning his friends into celebrities, he could be forgiven for taking their normal lives away.


(with apologies to Mark Waid)


  1. It's a very long story...