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R. Sora Hasegawa
Sora Hasegawa (2020).png
Sora Hasegawa ca. 2022
(Illust. by Danielle Sylvan)
BornMay 21, 2008(2008-05-21)
Stellvia Station, Earth-Luna L5
ResidenceKorolevgrad, Luna
NationalityFenspace Convention
EthnicityJapanese-American (AI)
CitizenshipSoviet Air Force
OccupationChief Engineer, USSR Ptichka
Service/branchEXFOR (Sozvezdie Soviet)
Years of service2013 - present
RankCaptain (OF-03)
Religious beliefsGermanic Neopaganism
PartnerMalaclypse Fnord (2014-current)
Athene Weatheral (2017-current)
ChildrenR. Jade Harley-Hasegawa
ParentsNoah Scott (father)
A.C. Peters (mother, sort of)
RelativesYoriko Nikaido (sister)
Yayoi Fujisawa (sister)
Kohran Li (sister)
Missions2013 Delta Pavonis Expedition
2014 Tau Ceti Expedition
2018 Keid Expedition
and others

Primary Writers: Rob Kelk, Mal Fnord
Game Statistics

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • Hand me the 3/8ths socket driver - Crack engineer.

'Wavium Abilities

  • "Fembot"? What's a "Fembot"? - AI Robot: Doesn't Sleep, Doesn't Need to Eat, Doesn't Age, potentially immortal.
  • Pretty... After May 2013, owns glasses which let her see things that others can't, with literally Divine reliability.


  • What's a "Replicant"? - 'Wavium-powered AI Robot: Requires monthly maintenance, distrusted by 'danes and paranoid fen.
  • Eek! - Pacifist, avoids anything resembling combat.
  • Where's my glasses? - Nearsighted.
  • Yes, plenty of people think I look like her - Based closely on a fictional character, which allows strangers to predict her reactions with some accuracy if they've found and reviewed the source material.
  • No, I'm old enough to drink - Often mistaken for a young-teenager (until after redesigning her body with the help of Dee).
  • But... but... I'm old enough to drink... - Over-sensitive about being mistaken for a young-teenager (again, until after redesigning her body).
  • Big... too big! Agoraphobic. (Crippling before the Grover's Corners launch; brought down to a manageable level at the start of SOS-Con, and almost eliminated at the beginning of the Interdimensional Incursion Incident)
  • Wish he'd stop... Noah Scott's first and favourite AI "daughter"; he spoils her somewhat... luckily, she knows it and takes countermeasures. Sometimes drastic countermeasures.


Stellvians, Soviet Air Force (after July 2013)

Preferred Transport

The Epsilon Blade (until July 2013), the Ptichka (after July 2013)

Known Associates

Noah Scott, A.C. Peters, Yayoi Fujisawa, Kohran Li, Yoriko Nikaido (until June 2013), Leda Swansen (after the Grover's Corners launch), Jon Helscher (after the Grover's Corners launch), Kat Avins (after the Grover's Corners launch), Katz Schrödinger (after SOS-Con), The Soviet Air Force (after July 2013)


Sora's birthday (i.e. the day she first "woke up") is May 21, 2008.

Her voice is based on that of her Japanese seiyuu, but (for legal reasons) is not an exact match.


Sora has a notable or major role in the following stories: