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I blame Rob, which is my default position these days. ;)

Mal-3, January 15, 2010

Rob Kelk, the Fenspace Collective's "Man of Mystery", prefers to keep his personal information personal. (That's why it's called "personal", after all.) But he's willing to recommend a good restaurant in Ottawa to anyone else in the Collective who asks, even if he doesn't get to join the dinner party.

He's also the go-to guy if you need help with some minutiae about this grand experiment; his knowledge of Fenspace-the-setting, while not encyclopedic, is pretty good if he does say so himself.

While he finally has a self-insert character in the setting, Rob usually writes about the Stellvians.

Sometimes he writes about their arch-foes, Naoko Sato and Agatha Clay, or Agatha's other arch-foe, Natsuko Aki.

Occasionally... all right, rarely... he writes about Avril Arrow and her pilot Ramona Jackson.

And if the Fenspace Collective ever does anything with the Miranda, Rob gets M.L. da Vinci to write about.

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Rob has edited or maintained... well, he's touched pretty close to every page on the FenWiki, so there's no real point in listing them here.