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Spacecraft Registry
Atlantis on the pad at Kennedy Space Center
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullRockwell International Space Shuttle Orbiter
Drive Typeimpulse engine x3
Drive RatingMax velocity 0.05c
OwnerArtemis Foundation
Flag of RecordUnited States of America
FactionArtemis Foundation
Registry NumberOV-104
Launched28 January 2014
PurposeResearch vessel
Primary CrewVaries according to rotation schedule
Other CrewAtlantis (AI)
Operational StatusActive
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Atlantis is one of the Three Graces, the three surviving NASA Space Shuttle Orbiters.


Atlantis was first launched as a hardtech spacecraft in 1984. The ship performed admirably through the initial phase of the Shuttle program. Upon completion of the International Space Station in 2010, Atlantis was retired along with sister ships Discovery and Endeavour.

When the NASA/Fenspace conspiracy known as Project Artemis began, Atlantis was pulled out of storage and handwaved by a team of engineering experts. The shuttle returned to flight on 28 January 2014 with a brief circumlunar test flight. After Project Artemis was exposed, Atlantis was sold along with all the remaining project hardware for pennies on the dollar to the Stellvia Corporation, which used it as the backbone of the Artemis Foundation.

Known Vehicle Quirks

Atlantis rolling out of the VAB at Kennedy Space Center

As the three NASA orbiters were handwaved simultaneously and with the same batch of handwavium, the three ships share a series of quirks.

Class Quirks

  • Good Morning Starshine: When in space, each Shuttle has to have a different song played to it at the beginning of each working day. If it doesn't get its wake-up call from home, it's sluggish for the entire morning, with maneuverability and top speed reduced by 5% (cumulative per day the wake-up music is missed, to a maximum of 75% reductions in maneuverability and top speed). The song has to be different each day.
  • I Am My Ride: The Graces all have fairly well developed AI, but they have all taken the names of the orbiters they inhabit. Atlantis and Discovery use 29 year old Mediterranean female avatars, while Endeavour has chosen to represent herself as a 21 year old indigenous Australian woman.
  • Tough Old Bird: The specifications for the Graces are well-founded in reality. However, any of the three can exceed these specifications to approximately 10% overage, or further with severe risks of damage to the system in question (or chassis).

Ship-Specific Quirks

  • Platonic Ideal: Atlantis uses less fuel than expected whenever anyone on board is giving an allegorical philosophical lecture. It uses no fuel at all if the lecture is given in Greek and incorporates elements of the Atlantis allegory.
  • In Search Of...: The Atlantis AI is the most intellectual of the Graces, except for her belief in the Lost Continent of Atlantis, and her voracious appetite for media and leads on same.
  • Under The Sea: Atlantis enjoys the occasional dip in saltwater, especially if she's managed to find a 'hot lead' for the 'old country.' This drives the NASA ground crews nuts, but makes her popular with ex-Navy astronauts.


Atlantis has not featured in any stories yet.

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