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This article is about the Space Patrol spacecraft. For the Airbus A510 spacecraft, see Starclipper

Spacecraft Registry
Star Clipper
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullCustom design based on the Lockheed Martin Star Clipper spacecraft
Length35 m
Width22,54 m
Mass75,332 kg
Drive Typereactionless drives
Drive RatingMax Velocity 0.05c
Armament4x M61 Vulcan Gattling cannon, retractable
1x 20 cell Vertical Launch System
Primary Manufacturer$somefencompany
OwnerSpace Patrol Section 6
Flag of RecordFenspace Convention
Registry NumberSPV-S6-1 through SPV-S6-4
LaunchedDecember 2013
PurposeFESWAT unit delivery and support
Primary Crewpilot, comm officer, weapon systems officer, intel officer
one FESWAT unit (12 people) + gear
Operational StatusActive
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Shortly after the foundation of Space Partol, the Agent in charge of Section 6, 'Nanoha', requested four purpose build vessels or the delivery and support of FESWAT units and even provided the basic plans for such a vessel. Based on the 1966 Star Clipper concept the design was quickly finalized. Four Star Clippers where build and delivered to Section 6 over the next two years.

Protected by reinforced battlesteel, force shields and a passive stealth system, the Star Clipper is able to deliver a 12 man FESWAT unit and their gear to the operational area, support them with intelligence and fire support and extract them safely. Part of their sensory equipment, in this case the surplus Russian phased radar arrays, can be used in an offensive role to destroy delicate electronics in the target area or similar tasks.

They are also equipped with an extensive first aid station and FESWAT members or detainees can be medically treated. A small block of four cells for detainees also exists in the back of the craft.

The Star Clippers are noted to be among the 'hardest to kill' vessels in Fenspace. Up until now (2015) only one Star Clipper was removed from a fight, but only due to being extensively damaged. It was later recovered and repaired.

Known Units:

  • SPV-S6-1 FESWAT Martin Riggs (FESWAT Unit 1)
  • SPV-S6-2 FESWAT Roger Murtaugh (FESWAT Unit 2)
  • SPV-S6-3 FESWAT Alexander James Murphy (FESWAT Unit 3)
  • SPV-S6-4 FESWAT John McClane (FESWAT Unit 4)

The not existing Section 9 of Space Partol is not operating a not existing fifth Star Clipper for ops that don't happen.

Class Quirks:

  • Like a Cockroach: Star Clippers are very hard to destroy. Not to mention that its very hard to even damage them.
  • I want mine with sauerkraut: A crewmember has to throw a frozen hotdog into the beam of the phased radar array to be able to use it in an offensive role.
  • Like Sardines: Even through the passenger compartment of a Star Clipper is rather roomy, every FESWAT member will feel like it is too small, not to mention rather uncomfortable.
  • Not on my watch!: No one who lands in the first aid station of a Star Clipper has died up to date, even of the most grievous injuries. Up to date there was also no need for an emergency biomod on a Star Clipper.


  • Two Star Clippers have come under heavy fire during the assault on the Hell-Hole in Space, but have not been damaged.