The Magic School Bus

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Spacecraft Registry
The Magic School Bus
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullHeavily Modified Type A School Bus
Drive TypeSpeed
Drive Rating0.09c
OwnerMs. Valerie Felicity Frizzle
Flag of RecordHogwarts, Hogsmeade, 10 Hygiea
FactionThe Wizarding World
Registry NumberL3 ARN
PurposeStudent transport, personal transport for Ms. Frizzle
Primary CrewMs. Frizzle, Liz
Operational StatusActive
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Created by Shinkaze

The most famous school transport operated by Hogwarts.

Known Vehicle Quirks

"Magic" School Bus: The Magic School Bus is heavily modified by both mundane means and handwavium. Not only can it nearly double its internal volume (due to a complex system of motorized slideout and extendable sections), but its interior is full of hidden compartments and fold-out devices, seemingly far more than should be able to fit (even the seats fold up, away and into new configurations), all controlled by numerous buttons, switches, and levers.

Known Crew Quirks

Liz: Liz is Ms. Frizzle's pet lizard (of indeterminate species). Liz is both sentient and slightly anthropomorphic, capable of both walking upright and fine manipulation with her front legs/arms (she is, however, not capable of speech). Liz acts as teacher's assistant for Ms. Frizzle, and occasionally drives The Bus during field trips (she has a license). If, during field trips or class activities, Ms. Frizzle has to leave the students for a brief period for any reason, or if the class must split up, she leaves Liz in charge, acting as a sort of substitute teacher.