476 Hedwig

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Places in Fenspace
476 Hedwig
Planetary characteristics
Orbitsemi-major axis 2.650 AU, eccentricity .074
Diameter116.76 km
Year1575.74 days
Day27.33 hours
Political AffiliationThe Wizarding World, Fenspace Convention
GovernmentColony of 10 Hygiea
CapitalAdministered from Hogsmeade, 10 Hygiea
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476 Hedwig is a Main Belt asteroid discovered on August 17, 1901 by Luigi Carnera.

This asteroid is home to the single largest communications node in the Solar System. The Potterites' most noticeable contribution to the Interwave communications system, this station covers over half the surface of 476 Hedwig, with private residences and a small dock covering the rest of the asteroid's surface. The node's power plant is buried deep within the asteroid's core.

Hedwig was never attacked during Operation Great Justice, most likely because both sides used it to relay heavily-encrypted battle plans.