1 Ceres

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Places in Fenspace
1 Ceres
Planetary characteristics
Orbitsemi-major axis 2.7675 AU, eccentricity 0.075823
Diameter(965.2 × 961.2 × 891.2) ± 2.0 km (Mean diameter 946 km)
Surface Gravity0.029 g
Year1681.63 days
Day9.07417 hours
Mean Temperaturemean ~168 K
maximum 235 K
Atmospherewater vapor (localized cometary-style sublimation from exposed water ice)
Political AffiliationFenspace Convention
GovernmentRepresentative democracy
CapitalPort Ceres
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Ceres is the largest body in the Main Belt, and the only one to gain the status of dwarf planet. No one faction has control over Ceres; instead, it's administered by a democratically-elected council.

Ceres is home to Port Ceres, a frontier town best known to visitors as a “truck stop and diner” facility. The locals know it better as the local trading post; many of the ice miners that prospect on Ceres sell their finds and buy their supplies only in Port Ceres. The Soviet Air Force made Port Ceres and its surroundings famous in the 'Danelaw with the release of their first travel video, Lonely Planet: Ceres. The astroball team Belt United is based out of Port Ceres.

The Chief Administrator of Port Ceres is one Larry Laffer. No one knows if there's any connection with the old adult video game character or not, anyone inquiring within the CA's hearing quickly find themselves persona non gratis.

Tony's is felt to serve the best pasta anywhere in Fenspace, though some avoid it because of 'That Pasta Maker'. Apparently accidentally waved by one Murphy Murphy, it produces an amazing amount of pasta from the appropriate raw ingredients, for a song. Literally; you need to sing to it in Italian to get it to work. But Tony's sous-chef Luigi is an inveterate singer anyway...


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