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Places in Fenspace
Planetary characteristics
Orbit185,520 km from Saturn (mean)
Diameter392 km (equatorial)
Surface Gravity0.01 G
Year22 hours
Day22 hours
Mean Temperature148°K (-125°C)
Water/Ice Indexn/a
Political AffiliationFenspace Convention
GovernmentDirect Democracy
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The Saturn moon Mimas was discovered by the astronomer William Herschel in 1789. In 1980, nearly two centuries later, a huge crater with nearly ⅓ diameter of the moon was spotted on the surface of Mimas. The Herschel Crater was instantly compared to the Death Star of Star Wars, whichs cinema premier had been just three years earlier.

This made the moon a natural destination for the Warsies.

While the Skywalker Spaceport, the first part of the city of Coruscant, was quickly established, the start of the Boskone War delayed the plans of the Warsies for their new capital. Flights between the Inner System and Saturn became much more dangerous and most resources were directed to the war effort of the Fenspace Convention.

With the victory at Boskone Prime, long years of planning were finally put into action by the Galactic Republic. In Mid 2014 large groups of Engineers arrived at the Skywalker Spaceport to begin with the construction of a large dome.

Only six month later the first dome was finished and airtight, covering roughly 3% of the craters interior. The Galactic Republic could finally begin working on making Coruscant a proper city and the population of Mimas began to rise quickly.

Work on a complete dome for the Herschel Crater was voted down by the Republics Senate and delayed to 2022, until the Republic had the chance to ‘stored the necessary resources’. Most of these resources have been used for extending Coruscant itself, which will further delay the project.

Skywalker Spaceport

While Skywalker Spaceport started as a small military base to establish a presence on the Moon, it has been expanded multiple times since 2014. It is the busiest spaceport in the Saturn subsystem, handling all of the intersystem traffic between the growing Coruscant and the rest of Fenspace.

The spaceport houses two of the Galactic Republic's famous fighter squadron, Red squadron and Blue squadron. Together with the a substantial part of the Peacetime Fleet of the Republic, they keep themselves busy by making their neighborhood a safe place.

Coruscant City

Mimas in 2010. Herschel Crater is visible on the left.

The city of Coruscant is still growing, but already got a few noticeable buildings.

The first large building that the Warsies finished was the Senate Building, which house the leadership of the factions since 2015. The number of floating platforms for is still much too large to be useful for the Warsies. On Tuesday and Friday every week the building can be visited by tourists.

As the largest settlement in the Saturn subsystem, Coruscant draws in a lot of tourists who want to enjoy the view of Saturn’s rings. The Moonlight Crystal Lodge became the first hotel in the city, strategically placed to give the visitors an unopposed view to the ringed planet.

The Palace of the Jedi is still a construction site. Its progress got delayed multiple times by discussions if the Jedi Academy should be moved to Coruscant or if a second Academy should be started at the new site. The Galactic Republic hopes to finish the building in 2023.


  • With nearly 450 square kilometers, the Coruscant Dome became one of the largest Domes in Fenspace in 2015. But its still only a small part of the crater.
  • The rumors about bumper car racing in the Senate Building are certainly just rumors. At least thats what the Warsies say.
  • Instead of building it under the dome of Coruscant, most of the industry of the growing city has been put into tunnels in the craters walls.