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Galactic Republic
(and largest cityCity)
Coruscant, Herschel Crater, Mimas
Official language(s) English
Membership Fenspace Convention
Government Republic
 -  Chancellor (to be named later)
 -  Senators (group to be named later)
 -  Generals Dana Maeter (commander of the Republic Army)
Murleen, Solo, (more to be named later)
 -  May the Fourth Be With You Day May 4, 2008 
 -  Kandor Treaty March 28, 2010 
 -  2015 estimate
Known Allies Stellvians
Political influence Major
Major Achievements New Yavin station
Kuat Drive Yards manufacturing facility at Mos Eisley, Mars
Providing a working command/control structure to Operation Great Justice
Stereotype Footsoldiers who get the job done.

The Galactic Republic is the second-largest of the organized factions. The Warsies are also more militarily inclined, organizing along troop battalions (read: stormtroopers retconned into “Alliance Clone Troopers” to maintain a friendlier face) and engaging in exercise maneuvers to keep their edges sharp.

Unlike the nearly-self-sufficient Feds, the Warsies are primarily a military faction. Many of its members have “normal” lives, even part-time careers in other places or pursuits, but they wear their cog wheels (the nickname of the gear-like design of the Republic logo) with pride, and identify themselves as per their rank and posting in the Warsie military.

Not quite a militia, not quite a standing army, people who interact over time with Warsie folk get the feeling that they’re waiting for something. This feeling is correct. In the event of an extrasolar incursion, the Warsies have several plans and impressively large caches of material for prosecution of military action.

As the Boskonian problem wore on and worsened, more and more Warsie ships were put into action against this threat, and more Warsie factioners could be found in crew slots on non-Warsie fighting ships. While publicity and interest primarily focused on the big names and flashy tactics of the SMOFs, the Warsies were the unsung backbone of the Boskone War.

While the Warsies don’t keep to themselves nearly as much as the Feds, they do maintain multiple ships that are Warsie crewed and commanded at all times.

The “short-lived conflict” mentioned in the entry on the Federation is still a bone of contention with the Warsies, though with the signing of the Treaty of Algeron, this has died down to the level of “friendly rivalry.” This change in attitude has been supported by the increased military activity by both factions against a common enemy, which Warsies call the Sith.

The Warsies are the current holder of the “Stirrup Cup,” a small-craft piloting trophy awarded to the winning team of the All-Hallows-Eve Asteroid Race (an event occurring on October 31st of each year to commemorate and enforce the demilitarization of the Trekkie-Warsie conflict).


The Galactic Republic awards many citations for bravery, but only these two have been awarded to people outside of the faction.

Order of Yavin
The Order of Yavin is awarded for meritorious service against vastly superior odds.
Kalidor Crescent
The Kalidor Crescent is awarded for meritorious piloting above and beyond the call of duty. Perhaps the best-known recipient of this award is Jedi Knight Lou Chadwick, who was awarded the Kalidor Crescent during the Boskone War for repeatedly interposing his own X-Wing between a Boskonian battlewagon and a Galactic Republic medevac ship until the medical ship could escape.

Warsies who receive either Order of Yavin or the Kalidor Crescent are entitled to call themselves "Jedi" and are given their choice of assignments with the award.

Important Warsie Settlements

Galactic Republic Shuttle leaving Mimas
Compared to the Browncoats or the Senshi, the Galactic Republic prefers to maintain a relatively small number of relatively large bases.

The oldest Warsie settlement is the New Yavin station in Earth-Luna L5 orbit. One of the oldest stations of any sort in Fenspace (being of the same vintage as Starbase 1 and Stellvia), New Yavin is declining in importance but is still a major point-of-presence for the faction in Cislunar Space.

The largest Republic colony is also the one farthest from Earth - Coruscant, the faction's capital, is located on Mimas.

The other two major Warsie settlements have specialized purposes. Mos Eisley on Mars is the faction's major industrial center, while the Jedi Academy in the Oceanus Procellarum on Luna is their major educational facility.

Known Important Warsies

Based in Coruscant

General Dana Maeter
Commander of the Republic Army. Partial Cyborg (The result of an unfortunate accident during an OGJ operation against a Boskonian production base), as she had a previously undetected biomod that prevented the usual lifesaving methods being used. Quiet, businesslike, chooses her words carefully, a damn fine organizer of troops from army to squad scales, but also very solitary. Because of her looks and public personality, occasionally called "Sith Lord Fate Testarossa" by some Generalist Fen (but never to her face).

Based in New Yavin

"General Solo"
Station Commander
Cal Calrissian
Squadron Leader, Green Squadron. Rank Captain, Callsign "Green One"

Based in Mos Eisley

"General Murleen"
Chief Administrator

Known Warsie Fighter Squadrons

Grade Scale
See the Operation Great Justice Grade Scale for comparable ranks in other services.
Officer Ranks
OF-10 Grand Admiral
OF-09 Admiral
OF-08 Vice Admiral
OF-07 Rear Admiral
OF-06 Captain
OF-05 Commander
OF-04 Lt. Commander
OF-03 Lieutenant
OF-02 Sub-Lieutenant
OF-01 Ensign
OF(D) Midshipman
Enlisted Ranks
OR-09 Master CPO
OR-08 Senior CPO
OR-07 Chief Petty Officer
OR-06 Petty Officer
OR-05 Sergeant
OR-04 Corporal
OR-03 Lance Corporal
OR-02 Private
OR-01 Trooper

Dedicated Republic squadrons defend major Republic installations.

Based on Mimas

Red Squadron
The elite squadron. Only flies X-Wings.
Blue Squadron

Based in New Yavin

Green Squadron
Led by ace pilot Cal Calrissian, Green Squadron defends both New Yavin and the Warsies' base on Luna.

Based in Mos Eisley

Rogue Squadron
The Galactic Republic's main Martian defence force. Rogue Squadron was one of the most decorated units during the Boskone War, responsible for saving hundreds of people from the Catgirling Machines.
Rouge Squadron
Officially the 801st Training Squadron, "Rouge Squadron" was a typo in official correspondence which some Humorists and Bubblegum Crisis fans in the faction insisted on making it a real squadron. While they're primarily an aerobatics team, Rouge Squadron is trained for combat.

Based at the Jedi Academy

Paisley Squadron
A training squadron, lead by an ever-changing "honor guard" of pilots recovering from major wounds. (Actual defence of the Jedi Academy is provided by Green Squadron.)