Justice League Interplanetary

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Justice League Interplanetary
Home BaseKandor City, Luna
Population (2015 rough)n/a
Political InfluenceMinor
AlliesCrystal Millennium
Major AchievementsKandor City
StereotypeDo-gooders in tights, with capes.
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The faction known formally as Justice League Interplanetary (JLI) is certainly one of the most public of the factions of Fenspace. Composed of the superhero fen (with a smattering of other cinematic and comic/manga heroes), the Supers (as they are generally known) are well regarded but occasionally considered irritating due to their outlook. Small but media-savvy, the Supers split their time between vigilante work and researching the nature of handwavium biomods.

They're very pro-biomod. In fact, some of them are so rabidly pro-biomod, they're researching how to make handwavium biomod someone more than once, so far without success. Most members are already biomodded, and like the Senshi (with whom they are aligned) many members do the full costume thing, only they do tights and capes and masks and so on ... Their ultimate goal is to create actual superheroes and do the IST thing once the 'Danes get over their silly fear. "We just want to help!"

The League is a rare faction in that it has high-profile members on Earth as well as in Fenspace. The Supers also have a strong presence on Luna, and are responsible (in all senses of the term) for Kandor City.


Surprisingly, the Supers are a fairly regimented faction in that every member has a defined set of abilities and characteristics, and there are a large number of courses and licenses to apply for (outside of those which relate to their positions). The Supers mainframe Jarvis maintains all records as to these, and has the habit of making sure all of a Super's identities has all the licence details they've qualified for irrespective of which identity gained it (this is considered fairly annoying, as in certain situations it can reveal a known identity to an investigator).

The faction is run by the JLI Council and its staff. There are 12 councilors who are directly elected for 18 month periods, 6 months of which must be field work. The Council oversees the operations of the various groups in the faction.

The JLI Council Chambers take up floors 520 to 525 of the Watchtower (the top eight floors above contain the Solitude Observatory, a large 10m telescope used as much to earth-gaze as star-gaze). These hold the main Council Chamber, offices for the council and the senior staff, and general secure facilities needed by the council. The general governmental offices take up the next twenty floors.

Rescue Services Group

Sometimes know derogatorily as the Rescue Rangers, the RSG is the primary public face of the Supers faction on Earth. They maintain the Silver Sentinels rapid action rescue force and associated vehicles, but are mostly known for the large amount of specialist rescue equipment they build and the courses they run.

They have a major launch facility in Kandor City. In the Crystal Cities, the RSG share facilities with the Sammies. Elsewhere, they share their facilities with the Blue Blazers. While most Supers in this section are also Blue Blazers or Timelords, the Rescue Services Group is a separate organization; they work with, but do not take orders from, the Blazers and the Sammies.

While there is no evidence to say the RSG supports International Rescue, it is rather odd that the latter seems to have advanced versions of the formers' equipment...

The Supers/Senshi Alliance
The Supers and the Senshi are allies because their source materials share common roots.[1] If the Senshi hadn't started their own faction, they would have been a major power bloc - maybe the dominant one - within the Supers. The Supers recognize this, too, and (especially since both had their first toeholds in space on the Moon) they more or less automatically offered each other the hand of friendship - without even the obligatory "beat each other up over a misunderstanding" first!

Well, actually the hardcases on both sides insisted on the traditional "befriending each other into the ground," so they held one after formalizing the alliance. It was a for-fun head-to-head featuring the best fighter each side had at the time - a fistfight with padded gloves, preceded by a scripted sketch that "justified" the "misunderstanding" leading to the battle in such an extremely overwritten, over-the-top manner that it left the entire arena roaring with laughter.

The actual fight (now known as the Mary Marvel Memorial Melee, despite only two people taking part) was to first blood, and took all of five minutes. The rest of the night was a party celebrating the alliance.

Strategic Hazard Intervention, Espionage, and Law-enforcement Directorate (S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Main article: S.H.I.E.L.D.

S.H.I.E.L.D. is the JLI's Law and Military branch, and as such handles all duties regarding Operation Great Justice and the Space Patrol.

The Advanced Resources and Deployment Group

Better known as Q Branch, the ARDG supplies the various branches of the Supers with advanced weapons, vehicles, and gadgets. Q Branch is run by Quintessa 'Tessa' Thornton (nicknamed QT/Cutey), and has both Whistler and Thomas Wayne as it top people. They also work with the Sparks, the Gearheads, The Jason, Kohran Li, and The Professor (though not all at once) to develop new technology for Fenspace as a whole.

The Metahuman Power Biomodification Research Institute

The original base of the Supers faction, the Metahuman Power Biomodification Research Institute (or as it is more commonly known Star Labs) is the chief facility in Fenspace for the research of biomods. Star Labs is a fairly open facility, which has led to complaints about security wherein the facility could be invaded by malcontents and frustrated biomods who want a cure.

JLI and crime

The JLI's stance on crime is a combination of hopeful and pragmatic. The Supers will try to safely capture and punish/imprison all criminals in its sphere of influence if at all possible, but unlike their fictional inspirations will recognize when someone is too great a threat to public safety and apply capital punishment.

It is this policy that the JLI hopes will keep the numbers of Supervillains low without having to actively hunt them down.


  1. It can be argued that Mary Marvel is the Ur-Magical Girl.