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Home BaseThe Citadel of the Time Lords, 3325 TARDIS
Political InfluenceMinor
AlliesBlue Blazers
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He's all over fandom! Who was that masked man, Who wrote the book of love, Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men ... Of course Who can save us now! Always remember: Who loves you, baby.

—an anonymous (and over-eager) Whovian, some time during the Boskone War

Also known as Whovians

The fervent Doctor Who fen. While they do not have a "home base" as such (they've claimed asteroid 3325 TARDIS in the Main Belt, but they lack the resources to develop it), the Timelords can be found throughout Fenspace, most with a "sonic screwdriver" of one sort or another in hand. By and large, this is a frustrated fandom, given 'wavium's unwillingness to do anything even remotely resembling time travel. 'Waved police boxes and telephone booths also make for cramped travel conditions, further increasing their frustration, as does their frequent but unwilling association with Bill and Ted fans. The Timelords spend a lot of effort researching the theory of Gallifreyan-style regeneration, but so far, few have been willing to risk themselves to test those theories. This faction gets along quite well with the BB-fen as they share the desire to make things better whenever they can.

The Whovians' militia, U.N.I.T., uses the NATO grade structure with the British Army names for ranking their forces. They have a small headquarters element and a recruiting office in The Citadel of the Time Lords, maintain a liaison office with Great Justice on Arisia Station, and rent hangar space from the Roughriders for their single squadron of 'waved Spitfires; they otherwise do not have any standing forces.

While the Timelords contract with the Space Patrol to police 3325 TARDIS, the faction's Torchwood group serves the same role as the Patrol's Section 6.[1]


  1. And, some rumours claim, Section 9.