The Cyber Confederation

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Cyber Confederation
Population (2015 rough)unknown; most members are also members of other factions
Political InfluenceMinor
Major AchievementsThe Force Works Committee
The Grey Knights
The Panzer Kunst Gruppe
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The Cybers accept anyone who possesses a non-critical artificial enhancement that provides a meaningful benefit over the non-enhanced functionality, consists of 40% to 95% artificial construction while still having a biological Ghost, or spends 70% of the time making or applying cybernetics. This is meant to rule out those with medical implants which replace damaged organs, AIs with bodies, transferred-consciousness beings, and general surgeons.

Most Cybers are members of other factions or groups who have or work near-exclusively with cybernetic enhancement. It is fairly rare to find a Cyber who is not heavily into the politics of another faction.

Cybers are frequently found in information services occupations (couriers, intelligence analysts, librarians, etc.); a dedicated Cyber can gather a great deal of information on a given subject. The network works both ways, allowing messages to pass more quickly than expected. Cybers are also found regularly in the medical profession. The Cybers are a notable contributor to the Metropolis Project, and unofficially work to the betterment of artificially based sentients.

As they are quick to point out, the Cybers are a totally different faction than the "Cyb0rz." The Cybers work with hardware as much as software, while the “Cyb0rz” are, to quote one Cyber, “...mostly a bunch of Script Kiddies playing around with 'waved computers thinking they're Bad Asses, but just making trouble for everyone. I pity the poor ‘L33ts’ who try to ride herd on them. They at least know what they’re doing.” Despite this animosity, the Cybers get along with all recognised factions.

The Big Nine List
The Big Nine List is a quietly put together unofficial list of the nine most powerful, most influential, or most gifted beings in Fenspace with respect to the Cybers faction. But no-one on the list would claim membership, as none of them know about being on it.

In fact, the Big Nine list is merely a product of a broken expert system, which its creator keeps meaning to get around to fixing. The small group of friends who get the list tend to ignore it and delete the message. Some of the names on the list make sense (Winry Rockbell is a noted cybernetic engineer and surgeon, for example), some don’t (Noah Scott has been on the list for the past two years for no explained reason), and some are just plain weird (The Dobbses are on the list, despite being fully organic). Also notable are the absences from the list (neither A.C. Peters nor The Professor have ever been on the list).

The list’s existence is a rumour in Fenspace. As such, most factions (including the Cybers) keep their ears open for the identities of the Big Nine, and there is healthy speculation on that subject even though the Cyber faction leadership denies the existence of the list.

The Force Works Committee

The Committee works much like the W3C committee back on Earth. The panel represents the twenty or so groups that make up the Cybers faction (including civilian, non-governing representatives of all the major factions), and sets standards for construction and application of cybernetic technology. Appointed representatives (one from each group) meet three times a year – one meeting is about a month before the yearly scheduled Con.

The most notable thing about the Committee is that they have a representative from the Borg Collective as a Special Liaison. The Liaison’s main job is to give the Committee the latest super-user access codes to the Collective’s network. This, along with the similar access granted to the Federation Council, is meant to safeguard against the Collective going rogue, or the other groups coming to a deal and using the power of the Collective to a non-beneficial purpose.

The Sabre Corps

The Sabre Corps consists of the Spartan Armoured Forces and the Panzer Kunst Gruppe.

The Spartans are cybernetically enhanced and use powered armour of various types. The Spartans are best known for their Search and Rescue actions, mainly because they place themselves on all open stations, Space Vessels and large Space Ships they can. They are reluctant to field Space Marines due to the use of similar forces by Boskonians. Those they do field, the Grey Knights, are always accompanied by two general Spartans and a Senshi commander. Grey Knights are almost universally respected for their near-fanatical dedication to the protection of humanity. (The evacuation of Crystal Osaka only succeeded due to the sacrifice of three Grey Knights.)

The Panzer Gruppe is generally associated with the Supers, as they are those Cybers capable of full combat operations without powered suits. As a result, the Kunstler of the Panzer Kunst Gruppe are as well known as the BNF warriors of other factions. Officially, there is no Kunstler of above Krieger rank. However, the Sabre Corps maintains several watch orders on anyone that may go beyond Krieger rank, Cyber or not (notably including the two most drastically biomodded humans known, Wave Convoy and A.C. Peters).