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This article describes the pan-factional military organization. For the conflict of the same name, see Boskone War.

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Flag of Great Justice
Home BaseArisia Station
Political InfluenceMajor (inter-factional peacekeeping/military forces)
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Great Justice (GJ) is the formal name of Fenspace's interfactional military forces. GJ was formed at the conclusion of SOS-Con in May 2012 to fight the increasing Boskonian pirate incursions.

GJ is a multifactional force composed of elements of the United Federation of Planets Starfleet, the Galactic Republic Navy, the Crystal Millennium Sailor Armed Militia, and numerous single contributions from the smaller factions and the unaligned fen. GJ's forces comprise the only active handwavium-based military force in the solar system.

Great Justice is commanded by the SOS-dan, along with a council of representatives from the major factions. GJ as an entity is authorized by the Conventions.


According to the SOS-Con Accord which created GJ:

Operation Great Justice shall be organized, trained and equipped to defend the united nations and habitats of the greater Solar System and all traffic between them from aggressive acts that imperil the security of the Solar System.

Initially this mission included interfactional law-enforcement duties; these powers were split off into the Space Patrol at SerenityCon in 2013 in order to maintain OGJ's focus on eliminating the centralized Boskone threat.


Operation Great Justice first came into existence when the SOS-dan called a convention in May 2012 under the emergency clauses of the Articles of Convention. As it progressed, however, the multi-factional nature of the organization started to cause small problems. These were gradually exacerbated by the command style of the SOS-dan, particularly their leader Haruhi Suzumiya.

While the operational side of OGJ continued with some difficulties, the administrative side became more complex and irregular as internal arguments disrupted effectiveness until May 2013 where the ongoing differences of opinion caused Noah Scott to be removed from the general staff. This caused the arguments to become public as Operation Great Justice Supreme Command was evicted from Stellvia and moved to Grover's Corners.

Discussions surrounding how Operation Great Justice was being prosecuted continued until SerenityCon, when the attack there caused a reorganization of the command structure due to the influx of resources.

The SOS-dan, while retaining nominal overall command of Operation Great Justice, were moved to the strategic and intelligence analysis command structure where their demonstrated talents could be best used, while operational and administrative command passed to elements of the other factions. The foundation of the Space Patrol helped simplify things, as the previously existing interfactional law enforcement duties were taken up by that organization.

This leaner, more efficient organization proved to be far more effective in its first major operation (Fleet Operation Attila) against the staging base for the Serenity-Con attack, Boskone One.

Following the end of the Boskone War, Great Justice has become less obvious as assets seconded for the war effort were released back to their respective factions. All the factions currently rotate some assets through on two year tours of duty, whilst still engaging in co-operative maneuvers.

Administrative organization

Great Justice is run by the General Council, a body consisting of the SOS-dan, the senior military command staff and representatives of the member factions. The Council is responsible for GJ policy and (when necessary) if military action needs to be taken. When decisions are made, action is agreed upon on the basis of unanimity and common accord; there is no voting or decision by majority. Each faction represented in the Council retains complete sovereignty and responsibility for its own decisions.

Operational organization

GJ's military operations are directed by GJ Supreme Command, a subset of the General Council composed of the senior military commanders. Supreme Command is commanded by the Supreme Allied Commander Fenspace (SACFEN, or just "Supreme Commander").


Arisia Station

GJ Headquarters is Arisia Station, a Stanford torus in free solar orbit between Earth and Mars, on a similar but differently timed Hohmann transfer orbit than the Island. Arisia houses the Great Justice Supreme Command, liaison offices to militarily-important factions (such as the Warsies, the Belters, and the Blue Blazers), a small drydock, a hospital, and other essential facilities. This was one of the busiest places in the Solar System during the final months of the Boskone War.

Great Justice has liaison offices in Kandor City (working primarily with the Supers, the VVS, and the factions based in Cislunar Space), Crystal Tokyo (working closely with the Senshi), Port Lowell (primarily working with the Trekkies and the other factions based on Mars), and Serenity Valley (keeping in touch with the Browncoats).

Staging bases for exercises or military ops are put together on an ad-hoc basis. A few bases, such as the Martian-conditions training base just outside of Helium and other GJ training camps, have become permanent due to the long-term nature of the need for these bases.

Equipment depots and armories are maintained in strategic locations (both fixed and mobile) throughout the Solar System.


In the (US) Army you don't say, "what did the black guys do," or "what did the Hispanic guys do," and so on, you say, "what did 2-34 Armor do," and by God, there are whites and blacks and Hispanics in the unit, and they did it all together and that color shit don't matter. So you're short and have scaly skin and wings? People can get past that.

David Nilsen, 9 December 2004, discussing the Traveller universe


OGJ recruiting poster.jpg
Great Justice doesn't have a uniform per se; all of the faction forces have their own uniforms, and independent elements tend to emphasize their independence. Supreme Commander Suzumiya has been seen several times wearing a particular red uniform with epaulets (seen most often in OGJ recruiting posters) but this has not become the official GJ uniform by any means.

Awards and badges

In addition to faction-specific awards, Great Justice has been known to award these honors to its troops. In order of precedence:

  • Zig Medal: award for valor in combat above and beyond the call of duty.[1]
  • Queen Serenity's Thanks: awarded under the authority of Serenity I to all crews who took part in the evacuation of Crystal Osaka
  • Crimson Shield: awarded to those wounded in action[2]
  • Battle Awards: For taking part in individual missions, such as the defense of Serenity-Con, or the assault on Boskone Prime.
  • Boskone War Service Medal: awarded to anyone who served with OGJ between May 2012, to January 20th 2014.

Multiple other awards exist, including non-combat awards.

Grade Structure and Insignias

GJ uses a modified version of the NATO grade structure in order to keep the various faction militaries from stepping all over each other. In all cases GJ forces continue to use their internal grade structures (although the Timelords were already using the NATO grade structure, with the British Army names, for their U.N.I.T. forces).

Supreme Command maintains a staff of specialized "war nerds," mil-sf fen who built websites like before the wave, as experts on untangling and organizing the unified grade structure.

Operation Great Justice Grade Scale

Officer Ranks
Rank Starfleet Republic Navy Sailor Armed Militia Martian Defense Forces S.H.I.E.L.D. Other
OF-10 Fleet Admiral Grand Admiral Eternal Senshi[3] Warlord Chief General (never used) Entil'zha (ISA)
OF-09 Admiral Admiral Crystal Senshi[3] Jedwar General
OF-08 Vice Admiral Vice Admiral Starlight Senshi[3] Brigadier
OF-07 Rear Admiral Rear Admiral
Crisis Senshi[3] Odwar Colonel Commander (Colonial Fleet)
OF-06 Captain Captain Super Senshi[3] Captain Colonel (VVS)
OF-05 Commander Commander Cosmic Senshi[3] Umak Marshal
OF-04 Lt. Commander Lt. Commander Star Senshi[3]
OF-03 Lieutenant Lieutenant Planet Senshi[3] Dar Special Agent
OF-02 Lieutenant j.g. Sub-Lieutenant Moon Senshi[3]
OF-01 Ensign Ensign Senshi[3] Utan Agent
OF(D) Midshipman Midshipman Trainee Senshi[3] Provisional Agent
Enlisted Ranks
Rank Starfleet Republic Navy Senshi Militia Martian Defense Forces S.H.I.E.L.D. Other
OR-09 Master CPO Master CPO Midshipwoman[4] Dwar Detective Sergeant
OR-08 Senior CPO Senior CPO Midshipwoman's Mate[4]
OR-07 Chief Petty Officer Chief Petty Officer Able Seawoman[5] Detective
OR-06 Petty Officer Petty Officer Able Seawoman's Mate[5]
OR-05 Specialist Sergeant Rated Seawoman[5] Teedwar Sergeant (Independent Army)
OR-04 Yeoman Corporal Rated Seawoman's Mate[5] Padwar
OR-03 Crewman 1st Class Lance Corporal Seawoman[5]
OR-02 Crewman 2nd Class Private Seawoman's Mate[5] Than
OR-01 Crewman 3rd Class Trooper Lubber Panthan

Great Justice Troubleshooters

Troubleshooters? They look for trouble, and shoot it. That makes our job that much harder.

—Kirk Russell, Commissioner of the Space Patrol

Camilla Templar, OF-7 Troubleshooter Field Agent
Daneside militaries don't send raw recruits to perform cadre duties or Special Forces commando squads to act as Military Police. Great Justice practices the same division of duties. One of their types of forces are independent operatives, or troubleshooters - people sent in when a military unit would be inappropriate. Troubleshooters don't wear Great Justice insignia, but are issued a specialized warrant card with their bonafides and nominal rank attached.

Troubleshooters have nominal rankings of Grade 5 to Grade 8, depending on the nature of their operations.

OF-5 troubleshooters are the rank-and-file special investigators, the ones likely to be sent out on routine missions. They usually operate in teams (such as F and Grey, often assigned together to liaise with 'Danelaw police agencies) and always have someone in a position of oversight to whom they must report on a regular basis.

OF-6 troubleshooters are like their OF-5 comrades, but usually work alone and don't need to report in as often.

OF-7 troubleshooters can be sorted into two groups - the administrators and the field agents. Administrators receive and collate reports from field agents of all grades, and write summary reports for the command staff. Field agents are GJ's undercover operatives (the equivalent of the Space Patrol's Section 9), working for months or years without support.

OF-8 troubleshooters are the "elite" - the ones that can be depended on to go in, do the job, and (most importantly) get back out alive. In many respects, they're similar to the Space Patrol's Section 6, but without even a loose command hierarchy. There are five confirmed OF-8 troubleshooters (but there are known to be more than five on the Great Justice payroll):

  • The Scarlet Angel is the Supers' top troubleshooter, trusted with one of their rare Double-O licences.
  • Katz Schrödinger and Noah Scott are the only OF-8 troubleshooters who routinely work as a team. Their "take no prisoners" attitude to combat has lead to more than one fendane Boskonian ring calling them "Great Justice's Dirty Pair". Both are on semi-permanent leaves of absence from Great Justice due to their other duties as faction leaders.
  • Tom Dobbs is perhaps the most professional OF-8 troubleshooter, if one defines "professional" as "military-like". Considering his background in the US Marine Corps, this isn't surprising.
  • One of the Julian Friez is an OF-8 troubleshooter. "Born" just after the start of the Boskone War, he was captured by a Boskonian raiding party mere hours after getting away from The Professor, and rescued by the SOS-dan shortly after that. Commander-in-Chief Suzumiya herself convinced him to take up arms for the cause. This Julian uses his resemblance to the other Friezes to infiltrate suspected Boskonian strongholds, perform reconnaissance, and get out before either leaving them be or calling in a Warsie bombing run, whichever is appropriate.

One persistent rumor is that before they were headhunted for the Space Patrol, the current "Nanoha" and "Kusanagi" were OF-8 troubleshooters; neither are known to have ever commented on this rumor. Another, wilder, rumor is that Mr. Morden is also an OF-8 troubleshooter; this rumor persists in making the rounds despite official denial by all concerned, including the man himself.


Great Justice has no official motto. The unofficial motto "For Great Justice!" (with the occasional addition of "You know what you doing!") has been adopted by most forces seconded to GJ at one point or another during their tours.


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  2. AKA, the medal nobody wants to win
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