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F comic bio.jpg
NationalityCanadian / Fenspace Convention
Other namesFurry
EmployerGreat Justice
Weight145 lbs.

Primary Writer: Brian Webb

F had been a relatively unfocused engineer, avoiding real life by working on a Masters of Applied Science. Then the 'wave hit. He'd alway been interested in space and when he saw an opportunity to go he jumped at it and sank his life savings into building a Fenship, the SS Sophistical Elenchi.

When he learned about the Boskonians during the SOS-con F signed up with OGJ and ended up as a space marine. Something he finds amusing when he isn't trying to not get shot.

After the war he stayed on with OGJ as a troubleshooter working with his old squadmate Grey.


  • Height: 6'1”
  • Weight: 145 lbs.
  • Build: Damn skinny
  • Hair: Light brown, short crew or buzz cut.
  • Eyes: Blue

F is tall and fairly skinny. He likes to joke about falling off the end of the BMI scale. He falls into the classic stereotype of a nerd somewhat, though he no longer has the braces, and has never worn Buddy Holly style glasses. He favours khaki pants, a Tilley hat and black leather jacket when not in a space suit, or OGJ uniform. Any vague resemblance to adventure archaeologists is purely a coincidence.

Post OGJ his right eye is an obviously artificial solid black.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • En Garde!: A recreational fencer, and one time SCAdian. His basic style is influenced by several 16th and 17th century German schools, but leans heavily to the practical.
  • Please sir, may I have another: F is rather skinny, almost unhealthily so, but unless he eats even more unhealthy amounts of food he just doesn't gain weight.

Handwavium Abilities


None known, although Aristotle suspects his hat, at the very least, has been exposed.

Post OGJ

  • How many fingers am I holding up:Due to wounds suffered in December of 2013, F lost his right eye which was replaced with a cybernetic eye based on a wireless webcam.


  • You really hate me don't you?: Eventually everyone who knows him ends up calling him "Furry" for no good reason.
  • Who was that unmasked man?: Wears a battered Tilley hat almost all the time. Even people who know him fairly well will not immediately recognize him if he isn't wearing it.

Post OGJ

  • Can I change the channel now?: F's cybernetic eye can and does pick up video signals, which he sees as picture-in-picture in his vision. He can control this somewhat, but it takes a great deal of concentration.


None, but leans towards the gearheads.

Known Associates


During OGJ

  • Mostly his marine unit: Anders, Auger, Fosters, Grey, Hammer and Lieutenant Greene.


F has played a role in the following stories: