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Gearhead 2.gif
Home BaseMarsbase Sara, Mars (main group)
A Baoa Qu Station, Earth-Luna L5 (Anti-Earth Union Group)
Political InfluenceMinor
Major AchievementsMarsbase Sara
A Baoa Qu
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Car nuts, gun nuts, mecha nuts sort of people ... Best thing to say is, they're the sort of people who, if they discovered another asteroid was going to smash into their home in two years - instead of scooting out and just sticking a small thruster on it to inch it away and never worrying about it again, would spend the next 23 months rush-designing and building a Nu-Gundam replica to push it away at the last dramatic moment, just because they could.

Benjamin Rhodes

Gearheads are mecha fans, who generally break out into three more or less inter-related subfactions: Gundamites, Macross/Robotechies, and Super Robot Sentai. Transforming robot fans are generally lumped in with the Macross fen even though Transformers and Brave series robots are thematically closer to sentai superheroes. While there is an “official” faction logo, a cog with optics and a speaker grille, usage is only spotty and likely to be subordinate to genre logos like the Macross fighting kite, Autobot or Decepticon insignia, or the various Gundam unit patches.

The Gearheads are based out of Marsbase Sara, on Mars. They run a Mechatronics mailing list, which is open to all awakened machine lifeforms (in or out of faction).

The Anti-Earth Union Group

The main faction in charge [of L5 station A Baoa Qu] is The Anti-Earth Union Group, which is the biggest voice in the separatist wing of the Convention. Or at least the loudest. It’s worked to the disadvantage of A Baoa Qu a couple of times; their insistence on staying “free of ‘Danelaw ties” means that they avoid trading with some of the larger economic engines in cislunar.

Malaclypse Fnord

The AEUG is a coalition of various fen who resent any encroachment of ’Danes into space. They went to space to get away from the ’Danes, and now that they’re “trying to wrest control from the fen”… well, the AEUG won’t stand for it. The fact that there’s no evidence that the ’Danes are doing this doesn’t matter to the AEUG.

They’re peaceful; just ask them. Rumors of secret fleets massing in the Belt are always denied, and they say it’s just fashionable to have epaulets on their red space suits.