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Military fen
Military Fen.png
Political InfluenceNearly nonexistent in peacetime
Medium in wartime
Major AchievementsProviding training and expert advice during the Boskone War
StereotypePedantic "war nerds"
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The type who subscribe to the various Jane’s magazines and enjoy watching shows such as Band of Brothers or Zipang. Some of them would love to put their knowledge into practice; others know too well what the phrase “the horrors of war” really means. Good military otaku understand tactics and logistics – these military fen can be found throughout Fenspace (on both sides) during the Boskone War. They’re more a social circle than a true faction.

Pournelle Fen

Also known as Jerry's Kids, among fen less enamored with the 'Danelaw

Fans of Jerry Pournelle's works. Some of the few fen with patriotic feelings toward the 'Danelaw, and big supporters of the USAF/DARPA/NASA operations at L4, a noticeable fraction of this faction are Fendane. They often act as liaisons between the Transrationality Science Assessment Bureau and the Artemis Foundation, being one of the few factions that respect both organizations.

One mocking and highly unofficial name for this subfaction is Jerry's Kids; the name was given to them by fen who don't care for even the thought of cooperating with the 'Danelaw.