Musician's Aid Society

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Musician's Aid Society
Unofficial emblem of the Musician's Aid Society
HeadquartersSpace Station Three, Earth-Luna L5
Area servedSolar System

Somebody has said, "I care not who makes the laws, if I may write the ballads of a nation."

—Isaac Newton Arnold, Sketch of the life of Abraham Lincoln (1869)

So sing your song, I'm listening,
Out where stars are glistening,
I can hear your voices bouncing off the Moon

—Barenaked Ladies and Chris Hadfield, I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing)

Also known as Filkers or Dandelions

A mutual-aid group for Fandom’s wandering troubadors. Officially, their political influence is "Non-existent," but they can make or ruin reputations if they see the need and work together.

The Filkers have a space-port-sized habitat in the L5 zone, which they use as a “Bardic College.”[1] Early rumours held that this habitat would be named Argo solely so that the Federation could be banned from it; however, they announced the station's name as Space Station Three when it was opened.[2]

Known Filkers

Michelle Delacroix is the Society's resident "agent" on Mars, and a member of the trio Bombastic Hush.

Hoshikage Kouyou is the president of the Society's Marsbase Sara chapter.


August is the busiest time for the Musician's Aid Society. Every dandelion who can possibly make it to Concerto (on 1405 Sibelius) does so, where they discuss the best music of the previous year.

Many non-professional Filkers take part in the Double Valentine amateur rock concert, held at Crystal Kyoto every October 22.


  1. "College" in the older sense of a guild, not the modern meaning - but that doesn't stop them from offering the occasional music lesson.
  2. Presumably they wanted the free fruit.

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