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Fugue State is a MOT Rock (Modular Orchestral Transcription) band specializing in Metal variants of Classical music of the 18th, 19th & 20th Centuries. Their signature piece, War God, a thunderous eight minutes requiring the assistance of thirty bass guitars and as many slightly out of tune electric guitars, truly brings G. Holst's original into the age of Total War.[1] Other pieces include Valkyrie Thunder, a scorching rendition of Ride of the Valkyrie complete with Metal Valkyrie laughter, and Mosh-Pit Macabre, a Hard Metal Speed-Waltz.

So far, with one exception, they have had to settle for opening for better known bands as Ookla the Mok and the like. To make up for this, the band is experimenting with being the house band of the Ale Blue Dot. This has required the band to make certain musical concessions that have landed them in the realm of half metal & half jazz. The results are interesting!


Asada Strangelove
The Lead Guitar is a little bit of all Humanity that comes together in Pan World perfection. She's a cool cucumber with the exception of her streak of xenophilia.
Khimera Chang
The Second Guitar, a nerdy Chinese girl who's all Buddy Holly by way of Johnny Rotten, has a truly remarkable singing range extending from Contralto all the way up to Soprano. Also, she's a rocking guitarist!
Suki Suki (Suki to the second power)
She is the bottle-blonde, five-foot-nothing cutie Japanese drummer, and enthusiastic ingénue of the band.
Dazzle Ardent
Intersexual Green Orion Punk keyboardist with spiky black hair, a penchant for colorful verbiage and a literal tomboy gender identity.
Aerial Cypher
The amazonian Kenyan brings the bass, dry wit and capital 'P' presence to the mix.


Artifice Suave
A Cantonese Roger Moore with a Liberace dress code and a penchant for stilted speechifying, Art is the man who arranges gigs & recording deals.


Metal of the Spheres
G. Holst's The Planets revised for Metal. War God, the number that put Fugue State on the Metal Map, is called Stokowski-esque by both critics and fans.
Frenching Metal
Camille Saint-Saëns' Danse macabre gets a Speed-Metal reworking in Mosh-Pit Macabre. Also popular in this album is a variant of Joseph-Maurice Ravel's Boléro entitled Zipless.
Der Rock Ring des Nibelungen : Das Rhinemetal
A complete Hard Rock translation of Das Rhinegold that plays out like Mad Max by way of Queen. Highlights include the Rhinegrrrl's Gig and Rocking into Valhalla.
Der Rock Ring des Nibelungen : Walküre Thunder
A work in progress.


  1. The style of belligerency, not the NON work.