Clark Savage, Jr. Memorial Stadium and Music Complex

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In mid-2012, with the help of Hephaestus and the Rockhounds, construction completed on the Clark Savage, Jr. Memorial Stadium and Music Complex. Build near the Roadhouse on Deimos, the Stadium seats approximately 20,000, with room for the more in the mosh/orchestra pit.

A restaurant/bar, called Ham & Monk's, provides reasonable food of the American bar & grill variety (raw foodstuffs imported from Mars planetside), and is noted for having the "Best Monte Cristo in Fenspace." Another bar, known as Long Tom's, is noted for a collection of refurbished, classic arcade games. Both satellite areas have state-of-the-art (and possibly handwaved) sound systems, plus closed-circuit television hooked up to the main stage, as well as secondary stages for more intimate concerts.

A third area, which is not officially named but is generally known as Renny & Johnny's, is a private recording studio area, with four recording areas of varying sizes that Cavalier Concerts rents out to musicians who want to record music in Fenspace. (The first non-Fenspace group to use this was the band Dethklok, to record tracks for their second album, "Metalfen." Brandon Smalls, creator of Dethklok, pronounced the facilities as "awesome." Nathan Explosion was not available for comment.)

A small, attached complex serves as a private guest suite for any performers. It sleeps 25 people (more if they're on intimate terms), and access is controlled by Cavalier Concerts security staff (all of whom are Blue Blazers who have concert and convention security experience).

Regular Acts

Hoshikage Kouyou and her backup band Sunshine Galaxy started playing regularly at the Memorial Stadium shortly after the end of the Boskone War in early-2013.

In 2018, the Red Lad Revue became the Stadium's "act in residence," performing at least once a month.