Frederic "Full Byte" Ferdinand

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Frederic Ferdinand
NationalityFenspace Convention
Other names"Full Byte"
EmployerHelios Holdings (Galactic)
Height170 cm
TitleChief Executive Officer
Blue Blazer #255

Primary writer: Cobalt Greywalker

Fred is one of those people who knows a good thing and goes for it. He's also scientifically inclined, so has a reasonable idea of the potential of wavetech. By virtue of hard work and some fortunate contacts he has built up Helios Holdings into what is probably the Earth-based leader in Handwavium technology, even if the 'Dane governments claim to be more advanced.

This success has led to a few attempts on his life, the most successful of which was a poisoning attempt in 2010. Fortunately, A.C. was (secretly) meeting with him and whipped out the (non-operational) model of the artificial liver she'd brought along (to try and get funding for, given the success of her cybernetic limbs), and forced a biomod with her body's 'wavium. It took twelve hours to work, but that was eleven hours more than the poison would have given him.

As of Operation Great Justice, Fred is working on tracing the Boskonians' money trail using his contacts.


5'7"/170cm, thinning and greying dirty brown hair, grey-blue eyes, early-middle age, slightly (but not noticeably) overweight.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • I think I can help you: CEO of Helios Holdings (Galactic), the most successful Earth-based Fen-'Dane technology transfer company.
  • Blue Blazer #255: No-one knows if it was luck or Buckaroo that he ended up with that number, but it is the source of his nickname.
  • I never seem to have travel problems...: Seems to be the unofficial diplomatic courier between Fenspace and 'Danelaw, with attendant privileges. This annoys Fred, as no-one will tell him how it happened.

'Wavium Abilities:

  • Bring me a Warriors drink! Has the only working artificial liver known to exist. Fred's pretty much immune to poisons, but he can't get drunk anymore. And the doctors assure him that the wrinkles are just from stress.
  • Rush Job? Certainly...: Can find and deliver ANYTHING within 24 hours to anywhere on Earth, if necessary (See Quirks).


  • Six degrees of separation? Try two.: Seems to personally know, or personally knows someone who personally knows, the heads of every organization that deals in wavetech, and quite a few inventors.
  • Deep Cover: The Blue Blazers refer to him only by his nickname, he can not be found on the public roles, and only Buckaroo seems to contact him. Fred doesn't know if this is a good thing or not.
  • For Queen and Country: While based in Australia, Fred still actively maintains his British citizenship and English accent.
  • This? It's an Old PDA: Since his poisoning, always carries a 'waved PDA that scans for toxins.



Known Associates

A.C. Peters, Buckaroo