Jake and Elwood Banzai

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Jake and Elwood Banzai
Residence334 Chicago
NationalityFenspace Convention
Other namesThe Blues Blazers
CitizenshipBlue Blazers
Relativeseach other

Open Characters, created by BlackAeronaut

Two kids, orphan boys. Idolize The Blues Brothers as it was part of their parents' cult classic collection. Not bad musicians themselves, either - they got some talent and with work it can be cultivated into something good. But really, where they really shine is just working the stage and providing the vocals.

Now, add Handwavium and a beaten-to-hell Ford P.O.S. Police Cruiser.

Jake and Elwood Banzai[1] don't have biomods. They do have heavily 'waved apparel. While wearing their Blues Suits with Raybans and black fedoras you can drop a building on them and they'll simply shrug it off. The worst that'll happen is that their suits will get dirty, but one quick run through the washer leaves them in pristine condition. They don't even have to separate the colors.

The car is simply amazing. That ancient police cruiser is like the Roughriders' Hilux trucks. No matter how much you beat it, the only thing you seem to do to it is make it look uglier. And if you reach a certain point with the damage the car suddenly fall apart at the seems... but only once the Brothers have reached their destination. Not one moment before or after. The best part though? Once the car's been left to sit long enough and no one's looking, it will repair itself to its original condition (that is, a beaten-to-hell Ford P.O.S. Police Cruiser).

Buckaroo felt they'd make good BBIs for two reasons. For one, they've put together a band and they're not at all bad sounding. For another, while they aren't troubleshooter material, per se, they do attract trouble like it was nobody's business. This makes them useful as a distraction - simply send them in to perform somewhere and Murphy's Law will do the rest.


  1. not their real names, but who cares?