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NationalityFenspace Convention
EthnicityAmerican (AI)
CitizenshipBanzai Institute for Biomedical Research and Strategic Information
OccupationPublic Face of the Blue Blazers

A confused mass of notes about Fenspace's most visible personality, that will have to do until a real writeup comes along:

  • Public leader of the Blue Blazers.
  • Has spoken with Earl Mac Rauch and W. D. Richter, and gained their approval to use the "Blue Blazer" meme.
  • Does not have a family name - "Buckaroo" is the only name he uses.
  • An AI (originally ship's AI of the World Watch One), but that's a secret for now. The Primary Crew of the WW1 know, as do Noah Scott and Takami Sakuragi. (Yoriko Nikaido knew as well.) Can multitask, but is sufficiently polite to avoid doing so except in emergencies.
  • Voracious reader. Once downloaded the entire United States Library of Congress in one go.
  • Voracious music fan. One reason Blackstone keeps a large music library is because of this.
  • The éminence grise of the Hacker Underspace. While nobody has an official position in the Hacker Underspace, most of the other members listen to his counsel. (They don't always follow it, but they do listen.)

Blue Blazer groups are semi-autonomous, so each group works under its own leadership on many projects. Buckaroo is the coordinator of these groups; most Blue Blazers (except for the Rugsuckers at the Armory and certain "deep cover" members) will respond to "all hands" announcements by Buckaroo. In addition, all smart mob activities through the Global Frequency are coordinated by Buckaroo.

Buckaroo does not look like Peter Weller, except "around the eyes" (to quote Reno, from the DVD commentary).[1] He is half-Asian, half-Caucasian. He is grooming Blackstone to be more the leader of the organization, since many people would have problems with an AI running a philanthropic organization.


Buckaroo has a notable role in the following stories:


  1. That hasn't stopped 'Danelaw process servers bothering the actor about BBI business.