Cavalier Concerts

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Cavalier Concerts
Founder(s)John Clark
HeadquartersClark Savage, Jr. Memorial Stadium and Music Complex, Deimos
Number of locations1 stadium
Area servedDeimos
ServicesConcert promotion and hosting
Owner(s)John Clark
ParentBanzai Institute

Cavalier Concerts is the dreamchild of organizer, promoter, and Blue Blazer Irregular, John Clark, aka Johnny B. Goode. As a young man, Johnny dreamed of being a rock 'n' roll star, but he turned out to be a better manager than a musician, and his skills turned him towards organizing large public events. Some time in 2009, he got ahold of some handwavium, followed the open source plans for a flying HHR, and took to the stars, intent on doing something meaningful. With a public-minded spirit and a desire to help people, he ended up with the Banzai Institute very quickly.

Cavalier Concerts books, transports, and promotes musical shows in the Fenspace. Between conception of the idea in early 2011 and mid-2012, when the initial project was completed, Johnny helped set up a number of club venues in Kandor City, Utopia Planitia, and Crystal Tokyo, as well as several intimate shows on Stellvia (including the "Sounding Board" Concert put on by the crew of the World Watch One) and Nouveau Paris. Johnny has contacts with a number of recording companies, music agencies, and musicians, and once he picked up his "Fleet" and was capable of providing transportation, he picked up a number of stars who were willing to perform for a share of ticket sales and an opportunity to see Earth from the topside.

In mid-2012, with the help of Hephaestus and the Rockhounds, construction completed on the Clark Savage, Jr. Memorial Stadium and Music Complex (described on its own page).

Cavalier Concerts maintains a small fleet of vehicles for company use. Four touring buses that have been handwaved with a batch derived from World Watch One's starter vat transport bands to and from Earth, and a handwaved Cadillac limousine is used to transport visiting performers to Mars or Phobos for post-concert leisure activities.


Johnny B. Goode maintains a certain level of required behavior from his contracted acts. He doesn't mind a post-concert party or some good fun, but he does remind some of the more "gangsta" or "hardcore" acts that he books that most of the inhabitants of Fenspace are just as armed as the performers might be, and many will not think twice about defending themselves. Riders on all contracts enforce certain rules and responsibility for damage to Cavalier Concerts property. (Johnny has no problem with spills, stains, and the occasional broken lamp, but he draws the line having performers set fire to things in his guest quarters. His exact words on the matter, to an E! Television journalist were, "I don't come into their houses and [bleep] on their waterbed. That's not cool. They should have the same respect for my house as I do for theirs.") As far as the public eye is concerned, there have been no major incidents regarding this policy, but neither the Banzai Institute nor the record labels have said anything beyond vague pleasantries and general approval of each other.