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Spacecraft Registry
The Jet Car
Jet Car.jpg
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base Hull2006 Ford F-350
Drive TypeBanzai-Hikita Turbo Thruster System
Drive RatingMax velocity 0.1c
OwnerBanzai Institute for Biomedical Research and Strategic Information
Flag of RecordThe Conch Republic
FactionPulpers, the Banzai Institute, Supers
Registry NumberHB88
Launched18 August, 2008
Primary Crewsee World Watch One
Other Crewn/a
Operational StatusActive
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We grabbed the old Ford truck as quick as we could, and found us a turbine engine that nobody was using. We're still working on the overthruster, but Buckaroo's a patient teacher. It seems that he's managed to download everything from a number of archives, including the Library of Congress and a number of BitTorrent sites that specialize in music. Not legal, I know, but he just made copies, and he didn't touch anything else. Or so he says. I believe him. For now, though, the Jet Car has a nice docking clamp up top, behind the sensor bubble, and it makes for a pretty decent shuttle.

—from Buckaroo Banzai and the Fen from Space

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • Faster than She Looks: While she won't go 0.5 past light speed, the Jet Car moves incredibly fast for something with the aerodynamics of an oversized pickup truck with a jet engine tacked on the back end.
  • Oooo, Daddy want: People covet the Jet Car, and its components, for unknown reasons. It can't actually fly through mountains (not that the Blue Blazers and Buckaroo aren't working on the oscillation overthruster), and all the ‘wavium tech is pretty straightforward, but something about the car makes people want to take it apart and find out what makes it tick. It's been stolen at least twice since launch, forcing the Blue Blazers to take security precautions. The Jet Car has some of the best security systems installed, making it impossible to jimmy the locks open, hotwire the ignition, or hack the systems. But only for the moment; it's only a matter of time before someone builds a better set of lockpicks. As a result of all the security, it takes a Blue Blazer between 5 and 10 minutes to actually get the Jet Car started. Buckaroo can do it in about two minutes, since he has direct access to the computer systems.


  • The Jet Car has not yet broken the land speed record at Bonneville, but it has been clocked at just under 400 mph across the Playa outside of Black Rock, before taking off. There is some argument as to whether the Jet Car can hold any land speed records, since it also flies. The Blue Blazers are lobbying for an opportunity.
  • Currently, in the cage where the oscillation overthruster should be mounted, there is an emerald green Magic 8 Ball. No one has thought to ask it a question yet.
  • A small statue of a hideous rat-like creature in a massively customized muscle car is mounted on the dash. Blue Blazers have been heard to recite, "I shall fear no evil, for Ratfink is my copilot" before engaging the main thruster. Earl "Big Daddy" Roth is listed on the Blue Blazer Irregulars rolls as honorary BBI #88.


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