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Spacecraft Registry
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base Hull2007 Skoda Fabia Kombi
Drive Typereactionless engine
Drive RatingMax velocity 0.1c, less while pulling other things
Registry NumberKC-1371, later CI-001
LaunchedApril 2010
PurposeExploration, transportation
Primary CrewCathy
Operational StatusActive
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So we were just flying through the lower atmosphere, testing all components for our first real spaceflight... and then two of these outdated scrap metal jets were approaching, happily chatting with some friend on the ground about us without even saying a nice hello! Oh these guys had really a bad day, we just joined their nice little chat because they were talking about us and they were instantly angry about something. I was just about telling them what I think of their attitude when my little cat joined their discussion. The thing got out of control really quickly and we had to get out of there really quickly. That are the funny things that happen when you have a cat as a captain... but please don’t tell this Cathy.

—Cortana, chatting with another car AI over radio during CrystalCon

The Stargazer is a waved Scoda Fabia Combi modified by Cathy to escape the gravity well of Earth and join Fenspace in 2010. The car is controlled by Cortana, an Artificial Intelligence which formed in Cathys computer during the design phase of the Stargazer. Both of them have been keeping silent what they used to build their radio system to outside parties.

The Stargazer was first used in Cathys tourism business. It survived several missions during the Boskone War and was used in the secret mission on 2462 Nehalennia in 2015 on board the Destiny Nova. Since the foundation of Catgirl Industries it has been used by a lot of catgirls as one of the waved cars on Jenga.

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • I can hear you! Stargazer use a waved dual software defined radio for communication. The radio is directly controlled by Cortana and can listen and respond to nearly any kind of radio communication, encrypted or not.
  • Its full of stars. The ceiling of the Stargazer is transparent. Trying to load some luggage or cargo on top of the cars roof seems to shut the engine down.
  • Do you have a tow hitch? Stargazer has a tow hitch mounted at the back. If an object with a maximum size three times as long as Stargazer is mounted or to the tow hitch, or tied with cables, the engine field of Stargazer expands around the object and pulls it along. The mount or cables do not need to hold the whole mass of the object, but without them it doesn’t work. Drive speed is noticeably reduced while towing.
  • Just a few toys. The engine would not start without a small cat toy put visible into the cockpit. It is unknown If this is a quirk of the engine or just a joke of Cortanas about Cathys biomod.

Crew Quirks

  • No Smoking! Cortana does not like the interior of the Stargazer being polluted by smoke and threatens to pump out the air if necessary to stop it. Cathy tends to agree with the first part, but not with the second one.


  • The pilot seat has a stealth-patterned warming blanket on it, connected to an AI controlled power output with an independent clock timer.
  • Cortanas ability to listen and respond to encrypted radio signals only works on genuine radio encryption (It doesn’t work on files just copied to the internal memory).
  • The Stargazer has three gears, G(round), A(ir) and S(pace). In ground mode the engine field is switched off and the Stargazer uses its wheels to move around, like a normal car.
  • The engine field doubles as a light deflector shield against objects and heat (mostly micro meteorites and reentry heat). It can stop many projectile weapons, but does not work well against lasers.
  • Cathy has built a waved microwave and a compact WC for long range. The Stargazer can be used by up to five persons, but get cramped with more than two or three persons after a few hours.
  • Asking about the ball of wool at the inner mirror might cause Cathy to sigh and Cortana to giggle.
  • Parking the Stargazer besides World Watch One might be considered a minor denial of service against Cortana or World Watch One, depending on the bandwidth between them.


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