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Spacecraft Registry
A Tachikoma with its cockpit open, ready to allow one of the Jess Ayanamis aboard.
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullShirow-style Spider-mecha
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters, 4x all-wheel drivetrain
Drive RatingMax velocity 0.1c, 103MPH/166KPH wheeled mode on land
OwnerLebia Maverick, A.C. Peters
Flag of RecordCommonwealth of Australia
FactionCybers, Supers
Registry NumberBase Registry number is 'ACP/AMP-SHL/S9-' followed by an 8 character alphanumeric.
LaunchedMay/June 2013
PurposePersonnel transport/Armoured Assault/Heavy lifting
Primary CrewTotally A.I. driven, but fits one person in body
Operational StatusActive
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Created by: Cobalt Greywalker

The Tachikomas are a development of the 'Crab' drones used for basic heavy lifting work, based on failed and non-functional prototypes. Essentially, Lebia wanted to try out various A.I. creation techniques before she started work on the Ducks. She also figured that the failed 'Crab' prototypes held a good amount of potential.

While publicly revealed in early June 2013, it wasn't until August 2013 that they were subjected to the Eccleston set of Turing tests and allowed semi-independent operation.

While A.C. doesn't like it, Lebia has started limited production of Tachikomas and Hive nodes (servers for synchronizing their memories), and as such big and important stations may have a triad or two as Security along with Clay Pigeons.

Known Vehicle Quirks

CG of prototype Tachikoma
  • Spiderman is our hero: Perfectly at home climbing walls, walking on ceilings, swinging around on web-lines, or trundling along roads. Surprisingly, Lebia managed to arrange for them to be certified as road-legal.
  • Humm? Let me save this: Will not operate unless a portable game system is included in the cockpit of the Tachikoma.
  • I'll have the special: The Tachikomas' are addicted to Andy's special oil blend.

Known Crew Quirks

  • "What'cha doing Mr Batou?": The Tachikomas' have childlike inquisitiveness, and frequently ask questions about things going on in the Forge. This is exacerbated by the fact they can take over the drones wondering around, and this has imprinted a similar sort of semi-sentience in them.
  • "Hello Mr Anderson.": The Tachikoma's also act as assisting agents to their assigned partner when net-diving.
  • "Yes Major!": While they occasionally slip and call Lebia 'Mother', they never refer to A.C. as anything other than 'Major'.


The Tachikoma's have several Net Friends on Earth, including someone suspiciously like Masamune Shirow.


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