Orbital Sled

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Spacecraft Registry
Orbital Sled
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base Hull'waved Steel pipe and scooter parts
Lengthvariable 4 to 8 m
Width2 m
Height0.7 m
Mass154 kg
Drive Type1x Philo MKI Fusion Torch acceleration engines
RCS thrusters
Drive RatingMax Acceleration 2g
Max Delta-v: 200 km/s without external tanks, 500km/s+ with external tanks
Primary ManufacturerWhistler Services
PurposeOrbital Debris Collector/Orbital Maintenance Craft
Primary Crewvariable
Operational StatusActive
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Build from scratch with parts of a Vespa scooter and the first proof-on-concept Fanthworth-Hirsch Fusor engines, the Philo MKI, the Orbital Sleds were designed to be used by the crew of the Toy Box as parasites to deal with smaller orbital movements to target objects of either salvage or mainenance.

As such each of the Sleds is equipped with a box of tools and a box of rope to deal with anything they may encounter.

In a pinch a Sled can be used to tow a spaceship into a higher orbit or to move between the Toy Box and a smaller ship under power.

With the construction of the Thrillmaster six more Orbital Sleds were constructed, using the same strain of 'wavium and parts of the same model Vespa.

With the formation of Whistler Dockyard Services the orbital sleds are build in series for whoever wants to by one. There is also a variant with a speed drive for sale.

Known Vehicle Quirks

Class Quirks

  • Two Stroke: As long as someone sits on an Orbital Sled, they will hear the sound of a conventional 50ccm two stroke engine. It will be idling when the Sled is in rest and running under power when the engine is running. It will sound like screeching tires when it maneuvers.
  • My other ride is you mom! Every Orbital Sled somehow manages to acquire bumper stickers. No one knows where they come from and from time to time they change.