VVS Factory Ga-38

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Spacecraft Registry
VVS Factory Ga-38 "Canary"
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullNASA Langely HL-20 / NPO Molniya MAKS[1]
Length8.93 m (29.29 ft)
Width7.16 m (23.49 ft) (wingspan)
Mass10,844 kg (23,995 lb)
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters
Drive RatingMax velocity .12 c
Primary ManufacturerGagarin Crater Weapons Works
OwnerSoviet Air Force, LLC
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Indian Space Research Organization
Solomon Space Agency
Flag of RecordFenspace Convention, Japan, India, others
FactionSoviet Air Force, others
Registry NumberEX####A
LaunchedJuly 30, 2014
PurposeLight cargo/passenger transport
Primary Crew1 pilot standard (AI or human)
Other Crewup to 10 passengers
Operational StatusActive
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The Ga-38 (NATO reporting name "Canary") is a Soviet Air Force small transport spacecraft built to handle short-range, low-risk operations within the Solar System. Unlike most Soviet designs, the Ga-38 is available on the open market, and has found a home as a workhorse for several 'Danelaw space agencies.

The Canary was built with funding assistance from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, which was looking to get into handwavium-powered spacecraft. As such the Canary is a combination of cutting-edge mundane technology and bleeding-edge Soviet wavetech.

Known Class Quirks

  • Bouncy Bouncy: Unlike most fencraft, the Canary has inertial damping but no artificial gravity. While it does make maneuvering around the small cabin in-flight much easier, this poses problems for people not versed in the ways of freefall.


  1. Some within the Russian aerospace industry claim the Canary design was "stolen" from Molniya. To this the Central Committee replies that "moldline copies aren't safe from copyright, besides you lot weren't doing anything with it anyfuckingway, neener neener."