Little Deuce Coupe

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Spacecraft Registry
Little Deuce Coupe
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base Hull1993 Volkswagen Jetta
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters
Drive RatingMax velocity 0.1c
OwnerD. Quincy Sangnoir
Flag of Record"Surf City" (Hawaii, USA)
Registry NumberWTD-303-B3
Launched16 August 2011
PurposePersonal transport
Primary CrewD. Quincy Sangnoir (driver)
Operational StatusActive
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A typical example of the average Fenship, of no real importance to anyone but its owner.

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • And we call it a woody: Always appears to have natural-wood side panels, no matter how or how often it's painted.
  • Fun Fun Fun: Despite the size of the car, there's enough room for two people to lie down comfortably... if they're "close".
  • Surfin' USA: The 'Coupe has a roof rack that's designed for one surfboard. If there isn't a surfboard on the roof rack, the car's top speed drops to 0.09c.
  • Wipeout! Gets into at least one "fender-bender" accident every time it's driven.

Known Crew Quirks

Don't call me that! Gets upset when he's called anything other than "Quincy" or "Quince".


No, not really What's written above is what's found in official databases. Some of it is a lie. "D. Quincy Sangnoir" is actually Noah Scott, and the Little Deuce Coupe's actual home port is his space station, Stellvia. When he's not using it for incognito travel, the Coupe is kept in a camouflaged landing slip in the oldest part of the station. The "Wipeout!" quirk doesn't actually exist; "Quincy" is just a bad driver.