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Noah Scott
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BornNoah Scott Anderson
July 7, 1964(1964-07-07)
Hartford, Connecticut, USA, Earth
ResidenceStellvia Station, Earth-Luna L5
NationalityFenspace Convention
CitizenshipStellvia Corporation
EducationB.A. Communications
Alma materYale
EmployerStellvia Corporation
Home townHartford, Connecticut, USA
RankGreat Justice Troubleshooter (OF-8)
Height185 cm
Religious beliefsPantheist
Spouse(s)Leda Swansen-Scott
PartnerYoriko Nikaido (until June 2013)
ChildrenSora Hasegawa (daughter, AI)
Kohran Li (daughter, AI)
Safety (daughter, AI)
Helen Scott (daughter)
RelativesGerald (brother)
Stacey (sister-in-law)
Charles (nephew)

Primary Writer: Rob Kelk
Game Statistics

Often called "the Richest S.O.B. in Fenspace", Noah Scott is widely assumed to be the richest man off Earth.[1] He's also the president and majority stockholder of the largest corporate state in the solar system, Stellvia Corporation, in which the bulk of his wealth is invested.

The Secret History of Noah Scott - Do NOT follow this link if you do not want to read spoilers!

Notable Mundane Attributes

'Wavium Abilities

None directly, but has built and immediately manumitted a number of 'wavetech AIs (skilled allies).


  • Oh, that bureaucracy - Needs to handle more paperwork than most fen do, on a regular basis.
  • But this works perfectly well - Prefers hardtech over wavetech.
  • No, it isn't all fun and games - Lives and works with many 'wavetech AIs, so has to tend to their (sometimes conflicting) unusual dependencies.
  • Who hid my glasses this time? Nearsighted.
  • I'm in shape; round is a shape - Noticeably overweight.
  • Thank Ghu it's over; I'm going to collapse now - Incapacitating "post-combat shakes".
  • Oh, it's mister moneybags - Reputation for being a "rich bastard" (partially deserved).
  • Oh, $#!+ ... Take cover! Reputation for being dangerously trigger-happy (overblown) and bloodthirsty (deserved). Barred from some stations, discouraged from visiting areas inhabited primarily by pacifistic factions.
  • Get a gun, already - Intolerant of Hidden Asteroid and other hand-to-hand-fighter fen.
  • But there's a new episode on... Poorly-socialized fan. (This was "bought off" somewhere around the time of the Interdimensional Incursion Incident.)


Stellvians (de facto faction leader)

Preferred Transport

Noah's built His Home (note the capital letters), against what the uncaring Universe and the vagaries of Handwavium has thrown at him, and gained a family. Deep in his core, he doesn't want to give it up to traipse around.

A.C. Peters

Noah prefers to remain on his station, Stellvia. When he must travel, he prefers his yacht, the Epsilon Blade.

Fenspace's handgun collector
Only a particular sort of Fan is able to be a firearms collector, as opposed to a firearms user:
  • He has to be willing to spend money on something that might never be used (the "collector mentality").
  • He has to have a paranoid streak to his personality, so that he'll want to collect weapons.
  • He has to be wealthy enough to be able to collect something as expensive as exotic sidearms.
  • He has to live in a place where the customs and rules allow private ownership of firearms, or be the person who makes the rules where he lives.
  • He has to have a source, or a number of sources, for hand weapons.

This narrows the potential number of known handgun collectors in Fenspace to one. And, yes, Noah Scott does collect sidearms.

The Scott collection started as a pair of SIG Sauer P229s chambered for .357 Sig rounds (the US Air Marshals' pistol), intended for repelling hostile boarders of Noah's home. They were never used for that purpose. Noah still uses one of these (loaded with Glaser blue safety slugs) as his personal sidearm of choice; the other was lost in early June 2013 with Yoriko Nikaido.

By mid-2013, his collection has grown to include over two dozen weapons, all of which are fully functional. The prize pieces in the collection, both on display in Noah's office, are a MB Associates Mark I Gyrojet (Kohran Li hand-makes ammunition for it) and a "Whistler Special" chambered for 9×19mm Parabellum. The largest piece in the collection is a H&K MP5K short 9×19mm Parabellum submachine gun, with the optional attache case with trigger built into the handle; Noah refuses to discuss how he obtained it, except to say that both Sora Hasegawa and Katz Schrödinger were there at the time.

Known Associates

The Stellvians, A.C. Peters and the crew of the Prometheus Forge, Jon Helscher (after the Grover's Corners launch), Katz Schrödinger (after SOS-Con), Haruhi Suzumiya (after SOS-Con, until May 2013), Malaclypse Fnord (by e-mail only until April 2013, becoming distant after the mid-2010s)


Noah is a Generalist - he likes stories form a wide cross-section of genres, media, and nations. His favorites include classic Star Trek, original Star Wars, various mecha, mahou-shojo, SF, and relationship anime, the Connery-era Bond movies, and almost everything written by "Doc" Smith, Robert A. Heinlein, and Spider Robinson. He's also fond of an obscure fanfic series called "Drunkard's Walk," but has never mentioned that to its author.

Noah also plays tabletop RPGs, preferring GURPS, In Nomine, and BESM.


Noah is a not-particularly-melodic tenor. His birthday is July 7, 1964, which he shares with his favourite manga illustrator.


Noah has a notable or major role in the following stories:


  1. He isn't sure, not having compared his own fortune to that of Chris Marsden, Padraig O'Niell, Don Antonio Esposito, or the Jason recently.