Katz Schrödinger

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Katz Schrödinger
ResidenceSS Uncertainty
NationalityFenspace Convention
RankGreat Justice Troubleshooter (OF-8)
Known forBeing the First Fan "Up"
ChildrenTrigon, D'Sparil, Harlequin, Viola

Nom-de-guerre officially taken by one of the founders of Hermes Universal Deliveries. As with all the others, no prior records exist due to legal and somewhat less than legal actions taken after the 'Danelaw decided to come down hard on 'wavetech.

Incidentally, that was also the time the first meeting between Schrödinger and the individual known, among other things, as 'Mr. Morden' took place. Read into that coincidence what you will.

Katz tends to keep to himself, and is more often than not accurately described by the phrase 'eminently forgettable'. He still does deliveries on occasion, and makes extra money here and there by putting together gravtech or energy shield kitbashes on order. He's known to have done some work for the Hidden Asteroid in that regard.

Among the original HUD group, he's by far the least prolific, and the only one who hasn't made BNF.

Neither does he particularly want to.

Most people assume he's 'modded, but he himself when asked will only shrug and deny. There's not much indication to the contrary, although it should be noted that 'guacamole' state Handwavium doesn't affect him when ingested.[1]


Human Caucasian male, standing at around 6'2". Average built. Grey hair: Suspected bio-mod, details unknown. Tends to prefer non-obtrusive forms of dress, though they always have a lot of pockets.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • Tread Softly ... - it's less an attribute than it is a state of being. He often does it without noticing - see Quirks: The Hermit. Some mistake the results of this for proficiency in shinobi-iri. Even shinobi. He usually doesn't bother to correct them.
  • ... and Carry a Big Stick? - he's never quite gotten the hang of edged weapons, even after finding it necessary to arm up. He does carry whenever he goes out, these days, but most of it is things like the H-type Grenades and a 'plain' jo he got at Hidden Asteroid.
  • The bird of Hermes is my name ... - despite not being on the active roster, he maintains ties with Hermes Universal Deliveries and some of the contacts he made during and after its founding. Most notable are Mr. Morden and the Jovian Lizard.
  • ... eating my wings to make me tame - the flip side of 'Tread Softly ...'. He's on top of it, most of the time, but he knows keeping things bottled up is a Bad Thing. Hence, the occasional bit of leeway. Or, simply put, when he does let himself get angry, he doesn't do half-measures.

Handwavium Abilities

  • See no evil, hear no evil - he's always been good at reading background buzz. Enough so that he could tell there was a muted TV or other piece of electronics on inside a room before even going in. In recent years, this seems to have expanded to inculde 'wavetech. At least, to some extent.
  • What was this supposed to do, again? - where most people who work with Handwavium, especially early Solids, get some sort of gadgeteer or scientist 'upgrade', Katz got a talent for working with force fields of various types ... and none of the knowledge to go along with it. His attempts end up delivering, most of the time. What they deliver, on the other hand ... the only mostly quirk free design was the original Speed Drive of the Uncertainty. Energy sails got him Trigon. Gooping the hull made it meow and demand tribute on occasion. His first force field design worked on the hunch that beefing up the structural integrity array could do the job, ended up being a Drive Unit, and turned whatever it was hooked up to a shocking, neon pink, with sparkly effects added in for good measure, whenever it was on. He ended up selling it to the Senshi.
  • Tastes like guacamole - ingested Handwavium has no noticeable effect on him, hence he exhibits a notable lack of fear when ordering Mexican.


  • The Hermit - he tends towards introspection at odd times, and likes his peace and quiet. See 'Tread Softly ...'.
  • Kakashi Gaiden - he remains oblivious to things like his hair color. You'd have to point it out to him, specifically, to have him realize that's not the way he started out. Case in point, his grey hair.
  • Hey, little sister, coilgun! - has dabbled in weapons design, successfully enough that the test models were employed by Hidden Asteroid patrol craft.

Preferred Transport

SS Uncertainty

Known Associates

Hermes Universal Deliveries, Village of Hidden Asteroid, SEBureau, Noah Scott (after the SOS-con), various others he's run across on the spaceways, Trigon *shudder*


  1. See the discussion page for more on this.