Mr. Morden

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"Mr. Morden"
Other namesGeneral Lee
Mr. Johnson
Manco (to Whedonites)
*delete-expletive* the Hutt
Ninja Banker

aka: Mr. Morden; General Lee; Mr Johnson; Asuma; Manco (to Whedonites); *delete-expletive* the Hutt

Although his real name is a minor mystery, the man known by the nickname of Mr. Morden is one of the fixtures of Fendom, playing the not always welcome role of fixer - a combination of lawyer, diplomat and bounty hunter. None of these careers tend to inspire trust, but this is a burden that he seems prepared to bear so long as he receives his 'percentage'.

Although he was wanted earlier in his career by the Russian Federation for violations of their airspace and of smuggling fugitives across their borders, he was pardoned early in 2009. He is known to have worked as an asteroid miner briefly and to act as an intermediary between Fen and Mundane organizations (e.g. the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona, where he has arranged the sale of numerous decommissioned military aircraft the various Fen). He is also a notable fundraiser for various projects and is considered to have some credibility and contacts in the Mundane financial world - something that makes him few friends among Fen.

Despite numerous claims to the contrary, there is no indication that he has exceptional wealth. What he does with his income is as much of a mystery to Fendom as his past.


Human Caucasian male of above average height, no known biomods. Hair and eyes dark brown, bearded.

Preferred Transport

SS Saint Bernard; SC Jaime Retief

Known Associates

Too many to list, but includes the Karasukage of the Village Hidden in Asteroids, elements of the United States Air Force and senior members of the Venus Terraforming Project (of which he is a major backer).


Just as other people call him by different names, "Mr. Morden" is pretty bad with other people’s names.