Village Hidden in Asteroids

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Village Hidden in Asteroids
Home Base498 Tokio
Population (2015 rough)unknown
Political InfluenceMinor
StereotypeFenkinder who like empty-hand combat
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This article is about the Minor Faction. For the Main Belt location of the same name, see 498 Tokio

Also known as Ninjas

Founded by an international coalition of Naruto fans with some input from other martial-arts-story Fen, the Hidden Asteroid is considered the finest martial-arts center in all of Fenspace. Also has the highest concentration of fenkinder anywhere save the Potterite districts. They have an odd friendly rivalry going on with the Space Pirates.

The leader of the Village Hidden in the Asteroids is known by the title "Karasukage" (in English, “Black Shadow”). The Shodaime Karasukage is Ivan “Maitovich” Solkin.

Ninja Rankings

In keeping with the most popular[1] source material Hidden Asteroid's official, public rank structure is fairly simple.

Ninja Ranks
Rank Description OGJ Equivalent
Kage The Karasukage is the supreme commander of Hidden Asteroid's military forces OF-10
Jounin ... OF-6 or OF-7
Special or Tokubetsu Jounin ... OF-3
Chunin ... OR-5
Genin ... OR-3
Student ... OR-1

It should be noted that students have not yet graduated from the Academy and are not technically considered part of Hidden Asteroid's military forces; they are assigned a grade mostly for the purposes of pay and book keeping.

The Ninja's relatively flat rank structure causes some issues when they are working with other factions as part of OGJ or other intra-factional activities. It usually only becomes a problem when they are dealing with factions that are a bit... focused on minor details[2]. The table above lists the officially accepted equivalences, but in practice a ninja working as part of a multi-fraction group will often have a working rank that looks nothing like what the table says they should have.

Ninja teams typically follow the four-man cell structure described in the source material, one higher ranking shinobi with three lower ranking ones. The most commonly encountered team of this sort is a genin training cell with a jounin instructor. However, this sort of arrangement can and will be ignored for any reason deemed good enough[3] by someone in Hidden Asteroid's command structure.

Sources of Income

In addition to Ninjaburger, perhaps Hidden Asteroid's most profitable venture, the ninja earn money from a number of ventures. The two most profitable of these being bodyguard and 'assassination' services. Ninja bodyguards are hired across Fenspace for any number of reasons, from pure prestige[4] to actual fear of attack and death. Officially Hidden Asteroid's 'assassination' service is only used to pull pranks, the more elaborate the better, against the targets. Rumors otherwise filter through Fenspace and are always good for a headline on certain 'Dane news networks.

As Hidden Asteroid is the most common, but not only, place to hire ninja in Fenspace it is common for Hidden Asteroid shinobi to end up on opposite sides of prank wars and spying missions. They try to maintain their professionalism, at least as much as anyfen does.


  1. But far from only
  2. Fen as a whole tend not to care so much for fixed hierarchies, but also tend to be a bit obsessive over trivial details.
  3. Good enough has been known to include "needed an extra set of hands to carry the ramen" and "We needed seven people for an effective panty raid on a target that large."
  4. and they hate these assignments