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SOS-dan logo.png
The SOS-dan logo
NicknamesSOS Brigade
Home BaseOfficially, Arisia Station
Actually, wherever Haruhi Suzumiya happens to be
Population (2015 rough)5
Political InfluenceNone until early 2012
Major during the first half of the Boskone War
Minor after the founding of the Space Patrol
Allieseveryone other than enemy factions, according to the resolutions adopted at SOS-Con
Major AchievementsFounding Great Justice
Stereotype(The SOS-dan is too small to have a stereotype)
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Doesn't anyone have a goddamned past anymore?

Mal Fnord, in private conversation, 2012

The smallest known faction (with five members), the SOS-dan (or SOS Brigade in English) came out of near-complete anonymity to host SOS-Con, the 2012 Convention that created Great Justice and gave the faction's leader, Haruhi Suzumiya, control over the initial prosecution of the Boskone War.

Almost nothing is known about the SOS Brigade or its members before they called SOS-Con, despite a great deal of investigation by various individuals and factions.

While it is clear to even the most casual observer that Ms. Suzumiya is in charge of the SOS-dan, it is unknown exactly what roles the other members (Mikuru Asahina, Itsuki Koizumi, Yuki Nagato, and the man known only as "Kyon") have in the faction.

Metadata: The Secret History of the SOS-dan

My first reaction is that I am not happy about Great Justice being run by a bunch of nutbars who believe they're actually the storybook characters they biomodded themselves into. I don't mind having a bunch of 'scure-fen running the show; I do mind them running it in accordance with their own essentially-private fandom, which hindsight shows is what they've been doing.

Noah Scott, 21 May 2013

Noah isn't quite right in his guess - only some of the SOS-dan are biomodded, and only two don't know they're based on characters (instead of the other way around).

  • Haruhi is the victim of a biomod, who had a psychotic break upon waking up looking like Haruhi. Evidence presented to her of the truth is ignored or rationalized away... or she has another psychotic break and forgets the evidence. Haruhi has read the Haruhi Suzumiya manga and novels, but has convinced herself that they are based on her, not the other way around.
  • Kyon is also biomodded, but not to the extent that his wife is; he's recognizable as the person who he was before the biomod, but changed. He's learned the hard way to not bring up the past in front of his wife.
  • Yuki is the third of the SOS-Dan's biomods - she was going for a Rei Ayanami look, but it quirked oddly. She gravitated to the SOS-dan because they seemed to know how to cope with this sort of thing.
  • Mikuru is a remarkably-detailed AI who can pass for human even under a medical scan, the product of her "twin sister" Kurumi (a Mad who looks like manga-Mikuru(big)[1]). Mikuru is only aware of this when Kurumi is in the same room or communicating with her - this is more of the "don't confuse Haruhi with the truth" that Kyon insists upon, as is Kurumi's reclusiveness. Reports of Mikuru being in two places at once are actually sightings of Kurumi and Mikuru by different people at the same time.
  • Koizumi just happened to look like manga-Koizumi. This resemblance is one of the factors that caused the others to biomod the way they did. He's also a good enough actor to be able to maintain the role 24×7. The reason he can't be traced back to Japan is he doesn't want to be traced - there are a couple of arrest warrants with his old name on them, and he's made a few deals (including one with Mr. Morden) to be able to disappear into the black. It was his suggestion to Haruhi that they go look at the Ciara, and the SOS-dan used his resources as seed capital to set up their Fenspace lives once they were Up.

Nobody has any metapowers as of SOS-Con. Whether they can fake metapowers later depends on the 'waved gadgets and Whole Fenspace Catalog goodies they can obtain.


  1. If Kurumi ever releases her technology to the Whole Fenspace Catalog, the rest of the android-research community will be able to build functioning "Thirds". Kurumi hasn't wanted to take that step in her research.