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Space Pirates
NicknamesLeijiites, Matsumoto-jin, Buccaneers
Home BaseSSX Base, 6565 Reiji
Political InfluenceMinor
StereotypeFlamboyant, melodramatic, and never willing to stop Doing What's Right.
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An unidentified Space Pirate ship.

Also known as Leijiites, Matsumoto-jin, or Buccaneers

What does it mean, to be a Pirate? It means living your entire life according to your ideals, not backing down, never compromising. It means standing up for what you believe in, and defending that which and those whom you care about, to the enemy's death or your own.

In my case ... that means helping people in need, while making just enough of a profit as necessary to keep on helping. I do what I can to alleviate the suffering of 'danes and fen alike, bringing food to the colonies and water ice to India. There's no reliable three-cornered trade yet, so we live life on the edge. Which is, theoretically, where we want to be. This is the way of life we have chosen, as the great man said.


The other shoe can go kick itself. Goethe said it best: at the end of the journey, all men look back and think that their youth was Arcadia. Well, this is my youth, and it is as close to Arcadia as makes no difference, and I won't let a few pointless worries ruin it.

Really, I won't.

"Danger" Will Robinson (captain of the Masaka), on being a Space Pirate

Here's the thing about Space Pirates.

No doubt, there's a few people with Handwavium ships ... who use 'em for pure, simple larceny. Regular pirates.

But, you've gotta realise, if there's Fenspace Ninja, then there's going to be Fenspace Pirates.

One Piece. Space Pirate Captain Harlock. Too many others I could name.

Heck, you just know someone's flying a ship called the Black Pearl.

Meaning, these folks probably steal, but they're in it for the kicks, not the profit.

Eric Zhu (owner of The Island), on Space Pirates

If anyone tries plain or even fancy piracy while flying the Jolly Harlock, the Space Pirates of SSX Base will not rest until their character has been refamed.

— official policy statement from SSX Base, Pirate Island

Free men of Space, the Pirates hold themselves to the moral code expressed by their symbolic founder, the great Captain Harlock. Known best for protecting the weak in the asteroid belt, flamboyant dress codes and melodramatic speeches. They have an odd friendly rivalry going on with the Ninja.

The Pirates’ Code (the informal standards of the faction) can be summed up as "be one of the 'white hats,' stay true to yourself and defend your ideals, and live free or die trying."

The Dread Pirate Roberts are a recognizable subfaction of the Space Pirates.