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Unofficial emblem used by some Furries
Population (2015 rough)unknown
Political InfluenceMinor to Non-existant
AlliesCatgirl Industries (minor)
Major AchievementsLiberty, 125 Liberatrix
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The group called Furries can be split into two parts... the ones that are human and wear a biomod and the ones who are just people in their normal body.

—Cathy of Jenga, 2020

Furries are fans of anthropomorphic-animal stories, comics and movies, from Disney's Robin Hood and Mickey Mouse to Warner's Bugs Bunny to Gallacci's Albedo Anthropomorphics to SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog to Dahl's Fantastic Mr. Fox to many modern anime titles. A significant portion of the faction in Fenspace seek to use biomodification to transcend humanity for their more ideal selves.[1] Studies of their success rate have led to improvements in personalised emergency biomod kits. Their total numbers are unknown do to most being part of another faction while still maintaining rather organized communications with each other.

The most common types of Furries are Cat-people (mostly victims of the Catgirling Machine), Wolf-people (an early Boskonian attempt to create super-soldiers), and Rabbit people, but many other animals have their Furry counterparts in Fenspace.

Due to the involuntary nature of their biomodification, the majority of the Catgirling Machine's victims have as little to do with the Furries as possible.[2]

Annie Mac, a Browncoat and Trazz, a Gearhead. Example of the cross-faction nature of furries.

Recognized Subgroups

The Cats of Paradise

The Cats of Paradise are a informal support group of some of the earliest known biomodded furries. They actively work to help others biomod themselves or talk them out of it depending on the situation. Also known for helping people that suffer from involuntary biomods. Their ranks contain a unusually large number of feline biomods, hence their informal name. They helped some former catgirl members to found 125 Liberatrix to help out catgirl victims and continue to quietly funnel supplies to them. The Cats share their work closely with similar groups within the Trekkies and Warsies.

Catgirl Industries

As the only larger "Furry only" company in Fenspace, Catgirl Industries has connections to the rest of the Furries. The Cats of Paradise are known to use the Catgirling Machine of Catgirl Industries to allow people an easy and reliable way to a catgirl biomod. On the other side Catgirl Industries is sending them people who ask Catgirl Industries directly about biomodification to make sure that have talked and thought about the whole process enough.

The Extraplanetary Defense Force

The furries have their share of bigots, and some of them end up in the Extraplanetary Defense Force. Fans of Steve Gallacci’s Albedo, the EDF continue to search for a link between the Boskonians and the various rabbit people and rabbit Furries (who they call “the ILR”) in order to justify their own prejudices.


  1. There are some theories that Furries show a surprising success rate at this because a strong non-human self image seems to help a person get what they want from a biomod. Many of these theories fail to explain the Senshi's success at completely-human biomodification and the Trekkies' success at biomodding into "alien" races, though, so more research is required.
  2. They never wanted to be furries in the first place, and they don't like associating with people who do want to be furries.