Twelve Colonies of Kobol

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Twelve Colonies of Kobol
NicknamesColonials, Galacticans
Home BaseCaprica, 1862 Apollo (main subfaction)
Colony, Cislunar Space (Cylon subfaction)
Political InfluenceMinor
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A Galactican solo flight

Fans of Battlestar Galactica, both new and old (although the two subgroups don’t always get along). Various members are trying to build Vipers, a Battlestar, and (on station Colony) robot drones that look like Cylon Centurions.[1]

The Caprica base[2] on asteroid 1862 Apollo is primarily a shipyard - this is where the faction is building their Vipers and Battlestar. It is also where the basic structure of station Colony was constructed.[3]


  1. Who knows why, all things considered. Still.
  2. ICAO code XGCC
  3. On the principle of "Know thine enemy."